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craigcu12 diary. That break over chrismas has certainly pulled me round and the FTs are back



  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 135,422

    Solid start Craig, well done.
  • PKRParPKRPar Member Posts: 2,201
    Nice Craig. some grind.
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 8,720
    Good start mate. Just be careful not to burn yourself out.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    Yesterday might have been long and tiring but today was the other way. I still made profit as far as money goes and as far as cashing out goes even 2 might not be that bad because I didn't even play 50% as many micro millions as I played On sunday.

    Being so tired and having so little time to prepare, I didn't realize how much smaller the structure on week days is compared to the one on Sunday. You could see on my stream, as the day went by, I was getting more and more miserable until it go to the point where I though no I won't bother playing the last two and decided to just end early. Most of the misery was not down to that much bad beats, it was more down to being quite disorganized. Each and every time I was exiting the MTTS I was looking to see what the next one would be and then thinking what could I play to fill in space. This is where finishing early would be great

    My plan now is to get a decent sleep tonight, I will then construct a decent poker schedule for the rest of the week. This should make it much easier for me to know when I can fill up spaces with MTTs on my usual schedule.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    Day 3 of the micro millions challenge finished and again I cashed out in the first micro millions of the day. I also managed to cash out in the micro millions daily but given the good start I was expecting to finish better. Their was also a 3rd cash out in another micro millions event, one which in theory I'd never have made because in theory I would certainly not have took a 3rd bullet in it as late as I did given that it was a bounty hunter.

    I certainly fealt better and more well structured with my game having got a schedule done. I found myself able to play most of the I poker MTTs I normally play, something I was certainly not expecting to be possible when I begun. Sundays are still gonna be tough to fit I poker MTTs but the rest of the week it's easy to fit in other MTTS outside the micro millions.

    I recieved the first update of how the leader board goes and we stand 4th. quite a large gap between us and 1st but their is a long way to go.

  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    It saddens me to say I have let team robin down through having not one but two rage quits on my stream. I must doing every single MTT along with various other MTTS from I poker and GG for extremely long sessions is tough, it does take long for me to go into auto pilot mood when I am grinding out this event and super clear even micro stakes are getting tough. Ranges are certainly super unbalanced and I do see all kinds of rubbish action but the days where people didn't 3bet and didn't have bluffs post flop are certainly a thing of the past.

    I am gonna try and do more walking before my stream starts because even a short walk in my local woodland doesn't take that long.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    Apologies for not keeping up to date with this micro millions run but what can I say it has been really tough. I have been getting more and more results orientated each and every day and when it comes to the grind boy have I been burnt out.

    When I look at my fellow team mates I notice quite a few of them are not giving much volume at all and having also heard by someone from an opposing team that their are some teams with multiple low stakes players, I feel it's reached the point now where I would like to get back to the usual routine I had where I was playing mostly small field MTTs.

    In my last session I opted to play just a couple of the micro millions events, not them all. I put far more of my focus on the bounty hunter MTTs on I poker and in all likely hood it will remain like that. I'll still have a shot at some MTTs and continue to try and win the daily challenges knowing their is $25 on offer each time but I'm gonna start returning to the MTTs I usually play.

    One thing I will say is I have now realized my short stack poker play is extremely weak, I have been missing far too many open raises with combos I was expecting to fold. I have subscribed to preflop academy for a month and will be doing some preflop training exercise each and every day. firstly I am practicing open raising at 30BB or less.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    The micro millions is almost at it's end and the way it's going it would appear we have a really tough test if we are to get 1st. We are currently 2.5K below 1st place and it doesn't suprise me really because unfortunately a few players from our team have had personal problems making it tough to get volume it. what ever happens we should be proud of ourselves.

  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    The micro millions challenge is over and boy was it a tough one.

    When I look back the first few days were not that bad, I had the energy and motivation to do them and very little problems. Unfortunately as the days went on my team was starting to get more and more personal problems, it was becoming like a one player team and my energy level was getting really low.
    I must admit I was never expecting it to be as tough as it was, grinding out loads of micro stakes MTTs challenge sounded really easy but when you play from 1pm until atleast 10pm and stream it all it's anything but easy.

    You could say the problems started off on day 2 itself when I discovered their were nowhere near as many micro millions MTTs as their was on Sunday. This would lead me to try and some of my usual schedule in to help fill in the spaces. At first this wasn't too big an issue but when the leaders boards were shown it become clear the gap between our team and the rest was growing, also their were numerous posts on our team's chat showing people had person issues. As the days went by I was starting to ask myself why should I bother trying to grind out a micro stakes MTT knowing even taking that down might not be enough leading me to decide not to bother with the absolute micro stakes MTTs.

    As the days went by I was getting more and more burnt out, my shoulder was starting to ache badly, my decision making was getting worse and worse until enough was enough and I choose to just play a couple of big events.

    Someone from another team had told me that the teams are certainly in balanced, some teams had more low stakes players whilst others had MTT newbies. How ever we finished I'm still proud of how our team has done and I'm proud of how I did overall. We have finished 4th but it doesn't matter one bit, I still enjoyed it.

    Now that the micro millions challenge is over I am gonna have a few days break and when I return I will be back to doing my usual schedule.
  • PKRParPKRPar Member Posts: 2,201
    Well done Craig, that is some grind indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed it but streaming 10 hours a day is extremely hard (I can only imagine).

    Take some rest days and make sure you get back into your exercise routine :)

  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    It's been a few weeks since making my last update. I could have updated weekly like I normally do but didn't really bother knowing I was not in the fittest of states mentally due to the health of my mum. The good news is my mum has pulled round in the last week and looks to be getting in a healthy state again.

    As for the poker well, that hasn't went bad, I haven't been the most well organised in recent weeks and part of that could be down to me starting to become more reggish on I poker. I poker has become the site I use the most, I have the odd bit of play on GG but the site I use most is I poker. The reason for the switch is the fact I'm now playing alot of short field MTTS, also I've been putting loads of work into my preflop game. I had a database review with apestyles recently and he told me I was being far too tight as a shallow stack and needed to get more aggro, I went on to purchase preflop academy to try and improve my preflop game and it has certainly done that.

    One spot where this is clearly shown is in bounty hunters, I use to be a super nit in bounty hunters, a player who would rarely go for bounties, my shoving ranges were far too chip EV. However I am getting loose and looser every day and it could be that I'm starting to get too loose in some bounty spots but at the minute those mistakes will happen.
    Last week I tookdown the mini sweat as well as making a few other final tables but today I've had my biggest I poker result yet by taking down the 30 euro eliminator on I poker

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 135,422

    Nice work @craigcu12, well done.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    We have come to the end of another month and it's been a very good month for me. As far as money goes Ipoker was the only site I gained the cash but as far as overall poker goes I am happy with how things have improved over the course of this month.

    I was folding far too many combos as a shallow stack and not being aggressive enough for bounties but thanks to some preflop academy training I am beginning to open raise more and more widely and doing multiple punts for bounties.

    My big goals for this month are gonna revolve around facing bets.

    The big goal is to stop being so passive vs my villians bets. These days villians are far more aggressive and fire bets in so many spots they should be checking which opens themselves up for big exploits

    semi goal 1- find more 3bet pre
    I call far too much at the minute and the problem with this is I make it so easy for my opponents to over cbet in spots they shouldn't. By firing more 3bets preflop I will be able to narrow down the calling part of my range post flop therefore opponents won't have such an easy time cbetting

    semi goal 2- fire more raising IP vs opponents cbets
    Again I am doing too much calling and not enough raising at this minute in time All this does is allow my opponent to easily cbet into me and realize his equity. You could if people are cbetting too wide just call wider but all that does is create an over folding range on later street

    semi goal 3- this sounds like two goals but they both refer to the same issue. My goal is to find more cbetting out of position and more check raising vs in position stabs.
    The idea is again quite simple I check far too much at the minute and don't do enough check raising which makes it easy for in position to bet any 2 cards and print money right away or on later streets as my range is so weak and capped.

    The overall point with all of these goals is I don't want my range to be so weak it's easy for opponents to barrell me post flop.

  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    The first Week of the new month is over and it's GGs turn for all the praise. I poker was the site getting my run good at the beginning but as the week went on my luck their diminished and GG took over when I made the final table of $10 daily big twice finishing 3rd on both occasions and finishing 4th in $20 Sunday big.

    The big story about this week is how I've stuck with playing the schedule I usually play with only a minor adjustment those big results. You could say I've learned my lesson from the downs swings I got on GG after making big jumps from $10-25 ABIs to $30-50 with the odd $100 MTT following a big prize in the classic and a WSS event.

    The difference this time is I have continued playing mostly €10-20 on I poker and added just a couple of €30 buy ins onto my daily schedule. I now play €50 main sweat on Fridays and €100 main sweat on Sundays. I haven't made much cash in these events €30+ buy ins this week but the damage it does to my bankroll is tiny compared to when I was playing loads of $30+ buy ins I was doing following the big result in the classic.

    My aim is to continue playing the poker schedule I have going at the minute and move up at a slow and steady pace rather than rush my way up like I have been doing in the past.

  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    Another week goes by and it wasn't the best of weeks. GG started off well but got worse over time and I poker hasn't has any of the big runs it had recently. However bad I've been I'm certainly still happy with my overall performance and have really good belief in moving up continuously. This is where my title comes in I am having a break from sky poker for sure and I'm unlikely to return to sky unless I have a really bad run on both GG and I poker requiring me to move down. The Sunday major will probably still be in my schedule but that is more or less it.

    It might seem crazy complaining about a poor run on sky when I've only played a small number of MTTS on sky but the difference between a poor run on sky and a poor run on the full ring MTTS is clear I am still really proud of my overall game play on these full ring MTTS as I see myself moving up more and more whereas over on sky I am saying to myself all the time why did I waste my time playing this MTT. The Sunday major is more or less the only MTT I like on sky poker.

    If I were to go on a down swing with GG and I poker then I will have a break from the sites and go across to sky, aka I'm moving down but at this minute in time I'm not playing any sky MTTS apart from maybe the Sunday Major.

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 135,422
    edited August 2022

    Hi Craig,

    Making that judgement (to leave Sky for the time being) seems a little premature based on a 6 game sample over one week, unless I'm misunderstanding something?

    I mean, go play wherever you are comfortable, & I genuinely hope it goes well for you, but as an MTT player a 6 game sample does not tell us anything does it?

    I do get "enjoyment", but to a large degree, enjoyment - or otherwise - comes from results. Do well, we enjoy it, do badly, we don't.
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 595
    edited August 2022
    Must admit, I'm also a bit surprised @craigcu12 . A lot your best results have been on Sky haven't they?

    If you're not enjoying 6-max or the schedule that Sky offers then it's understandable that you want to play your poker elsewhere. But you can't really draw many conclusions from a sample of 6 tourneys over the course of a single week. Would you have felt the same way if say you had won one of the £33 mains on Sky last week?

    Wherever you choose to play your poker going forward, hope it goes well for you mate.
  • Shrimpy28Shrimpy28 Member Posts: 139
    edited August 2022

    Makes perfect sense to me Craig, wasting your time on sky when you're crushing everywhere else..........
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 6,012
    Im gutted to see you ave drifted away from 6 max, but also a little relieved, you can be a nuisance to have at the table when you are on form.

    I cant imagine you would enjoy Full ring for long.

    Good luck though.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,957
    edited August 2022
    Whilst you's all think my success on sky is way better than it is on these other sites their is a few things I'd like to clear up. Firstly £100 buy ins. These play a big part in how much I've won on sky and I've said it myself I will be likely still playing the sunday major, I missed it last week but that'll be rare for sure.

    This sharkscope below shows how much I've won from sky MTTs costing £35 or below. what you'll notice is the profit is less than 50% as big as it was when you included all those big buy ins

    Here are two sky poker sharkscopes showing how much I've won from MTTS costing £28 or less and how much was won from MTTs costing £5.50 starting in 2020 which was roughly when I first moved over to MTT grind

    Here is how much I've won from GG, I poker and stars MTTs so far this year from MTTs costly less than £35

    edited: orinigal image was dated from 2021.

    I've won more money from GG, stars and I poker this year than I won from sky MTTs costing £28 or less from 2020 onwards.

    Some of you might go on to argue I've just been super lucky in the odd big field MTT well if you look at how my performance has went so far this month a different story could be told. I've made it into the money in 18% of these tournaments and made the final table 4% on the time. I haven't yet won one but that is where the work itself comes in because I've just had a final table reviewed by my coach and he said I've been far too passive on final tables.

    My game play over the last month has already started getting looser preflop as the open raiser, next up I'm gonna start looking to use more bigger sizing in shallow stack spots and get more aggressive on final tables and this will only make my game better.

    I have tried to include the sky poker main event in my schedule but what tends to happen here is it's normally just ignored as I focus on the other events and I have tried to grind late when my main schedule is over but again that doesn't seem very good as I'm normally already worn out from my main schedule.

    Sky is what I would call my down swing poker site, it's a site I will play when I am on a down swing on these other sites and need to move down but my main intention now is most certainly these other sites. I have a great idea which MTTS are the most soft, MTTs costing under $/€10 are now rarely played and have become far more focused on short field MTTS with just the odd big field MTT.
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