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How Much?

HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 12,502
Australian cricket writer accidentally charged £55k for a beer at a Manchester hotel bar

An Australian cricket writer was accidentally charged £55,000 for a bottle of beer in a Manchester bar while covering the Ashes.
Peter Lalor, The Australian’s chief cricket reporter, ordered a half pint of Deuchars IPA from The Malmaison, a Manchester hotel often frequented by footballers, on Sunday evening.
The veteran journalist, who regularly covers test cricket for the newspaper, was staying in the luxury facility ahead of the fourth Ashes Test match played at the Emirates, Old Trafford.

Mr Lalor wanted a taste of “something a little British” so opted for the distinctive light malt brewed in Edinburgh, instead of the Heineken which was suggested by a hotel bar worker.
After finishing the beer, which retails from £1.80 at supermarkets, he used his visa card to pay for it- without putting on his reading glasses.
But to the journalist’s shock, he learnt that $99,983.64 (£55,300) had been withdrawn from his account when he asked the bar worker how much he had been charged.£55k-for-a-beer-at-a-manchester-hotel-bar/ar-AAGRhuU?ocid=spartanntp


  • HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 12,502
    Tourist charged £2,200 for kebab in Jerusalem

    An American tourist was shocked when she discovered she’d been charged 10,100 Israeli shekels (£2,335) for a plate of shwarma at a restaurant in Jerusalem.
    Laura Ziff shared the story on social media, writing in the Secret Jerusalem Facebook group: “I need help please. Can someone provide the address for a restaurant right by the Jaffa Gate called Old City Shwarma.”
    She added: “I was charged approximately $2,900 for one shwarma plate!”
    Ziff claimed the owners had made a mistake and promised to refund her credit card on 12 August, but that the money had still not been returned.
    The owners maintain the overcharging was a mistake.£2200-for-kebab-in-jerusalem/ar-AAGTrvG?ocid=spartandhp
  • HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 12,502
    EXCLUSIVE: NHS secretary is mistakenly charged £56,000 for £169 romantic weekend in Budapest - but Barclays refuses to help leaving her paralysed with debt£56000-for-£169-romantic-weekend-in-budapest-but-barclays-refuses-to-help-leaving-her-paralysed-with-debt/ar-AAH8QWM?ocid=spartandhp
  • NOSTRINOSTRI Member Posts: 906
    edited September 2019
    I can sympathise. I'm still upset about the time I got charged $25 for a shot of whiskey at a bar in Tribeca, NY ten years ago.
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