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BVB 3 and 4 bet ranges

grantorinograntorino Member Posts: 4,704
Back playing a small bit after a long, long break from poker. Playing pretty poorly tbh. This is a general question and I know its very villain dependent but just looking for a sort of starting point on these situations as I think i am assuming ranges that arefar from correct.

20Nl/30NL sky

Assume reggy looking villain, no real specific reads though. Hero would prob appear reggy too, maybe opens more pots than most regs. No relevant history between the two

Hero opens SB
Villain 3bets.
What is heros 4b/c range?
What is heros flatting range


  • jimb0d1jimb0d1 Member Posts: 659
    First off,you have always been someone who I noticed posting sense on the clinic for years and years grantorino, thanks! Im not sure i'm qualified to post but played a lot at these stakes recently and think you deserve a reply.

    VS regs I would be extremely tight, like QQ+ AK tight in 4betting, few small suited aces maybe. No one flats 4bs anyway and everyone has it if you ask me!

    I call waaaaayyyy too much but other regs with some skill and discipline - prob pairs and JT/KQs, then fold a lot.

    Tend to play lots of pots vs same players though as well so wont take long to get some relevant history.

  • grantorinograntorino Member Posts: 4,704
    Yeah I suppose my question is what can I 4bet and call it off with? Ive only played a small bit here recently, but havent seen any light 4b or 5b shove get shown down yet
  • MP33MP33 Member Posts: 5,623
    I,m quite new to cash and am mainly playing NL10 but have taken shots at NL20.

    I agree with Jimbod tho. I,ve been suprised how tight the regs play and would be doing same QQ+ AKs.

    EDIT _ I,ve been 4 bet 3 times today by regs and called it off with QQ - Behind every time to KK or AA
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