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UPDATED: A Parting Gift for the 4NL Streets - NOW w INTRO + COMMENTARY

suneel7suneel7 Member Posts: 52
edited May 2020 in Cash Strategy

I'm happy to say that I finally beat 4nl again.

Here's a 1:30min session I did live on stream a few weeks ago. Nothing too spectacular, but does demonstrate *fundamentals + exploits I use to beat this limit.

I'm sure some of you's will find this useful. Hope you enjoy, any qestions give me a shout. Will be looking to stream 10nl-30nl cash in the near future. Currently in the lab :)

All the best,



UPDATED: 19/05/2020

Hi Guys,

I realised that posting a live streamed vid without commentary or my thought process may not be so ideal. So I decided to make a 2 part series on Beating 4nl on Sky Poker:

Part 1 - Intro + Fundamentals

Part 2 - Action + Implementation

I hope this is helpful and you do enjoy :)

Best Wishes,



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