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Who won what, Wednesday 3rd June - two players each win two events

Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 88,415


Remarkably, of the 9 headline MTT's last night, 2 players EACH won 2 of them. Extraordinary stuff.

As to the MTT numbers overall, they were very much in line w-o-w, though the 7pm opener missed by 3 entries, with the 10pm £3,000 Turbo coming in right on the number.

£3,000 BH £3,000

£1,000 BH £1,380

£10,000 Predator Main £11,610

£3,000 Predator Mini £3,420

£2,000 Mega Stack £2,320

£3,000 Sheriff £3,350

£3,000 Turbo £3,000

£1,500 Quickdraw £2,000

£1,500 Mid Ex £2,120


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