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No Place for Ladies

grantorinograntorino Member Posts: 4,704
edited May 2020 in Cash Strategy
Havent been long at table and dont know villains but HJ seems fishy and CO seems solid

Thoughts on both pre and flop lines appreciated
SBSmall blind£0.10£0.10£18.81
grantorinoBig blind£0.20£0.30£19.99
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  • MP33MP33 Member Posts: 5,623
    edited May 2020
    Misread it again - I,ll post again

  • MP33MP33 Member Posts: 5,623
    edited May 2020
    Pre - Looks fine to me (I,d maybe go slightly bigger)

    If the CO shoves after your 4 bet do you call?

    I personally like the c bet on flop. Its giving you a chance to find out where you are and if you check your putting yourself in a dilemna whether to call him down which could cost you a lot more.

    Its an easy fold me after he shoves . I,m putting him on JJ or AK. Maybe KK (although he should be re-raising your 4 bet pre or shoving.

    PS - Just ran it through Snowie and we actually for once although it suggested a smaller c bet on flop

  • grantorinograntorino Member Posts: 4,704
    Well my own thoughts after the hand were:

    pre I should have flat called, likely keeps fishy looking guy in and I'm not sure my hand does that well against CO continuing range.

    Flop I think is possibly a c/f. JJ+,AK all beat me, if there are worse hands in his range do they bet if I check?. If I bet it can definitely be smaller given SPR.

    Struggling a bit with 3bet+ pots at moment, any input on the line played or my thoughts above would be welcome
  • percival09percival09 Member Posts: 3,804
    edited July 2020
    Wasssup. Assuming a reasonable CO 3B range from villain our 4b is standard. We should probably go a little bigger being OOP. A significant mistake is the flop sizing - we should be going around 25% pot in this low SPR situation- we increase villain's calling range that consists of hands that we dominate (Jx, lower pocket pairs) and we risk less while still comfortable allowing us to manoeuvre different turn spots . If we take ourselves out of the 2013 paradigm of betting just for value or a bluff - our bet is simply a linear range play, we are leveraging our (likely slight) range advantage by betting small with range. Most of our hands will want to bet on this flop. Now, caveat, it is possible that our opponents' 4b calling range consists of like AA, KK - in which case we certainly should just x/f on the flop. They could also have TT, 99. I have found that people have very different ranges in the call 4b pot situations, making reads highly valuable and our strategy dicey. But anyway, facing this action I think it's a clear fold. As you mention in the post above, if our opponent is not betting Jx ever without improving, and perhaps if he's a more straightforward player - we can likely just check the flop and play straightforward ourselves. Without reads, I would take the probing bet 25% strategy and proceed depending ont he turn. Our range is protected since it consists of AA, AK, KK, maybe JJ with high frequency - QQ is then closer to the bottom of our range but still functions well as a small bet.
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