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SPOTY betting - when something feels too good to be true

Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 83,173

Current prices, as of this morning;

Lewis Hamilton @ 11/10

Marcus Rashford @ 7/4

Something does not feel right here. On the face of it Rashford should be a lock, & long odds on, but he's not even favourite. The bookies are rarely wrong with these things.

There has to be a twist in the tail here.

To win SPOTY you first have to be nominated, & perhaps that's the angle - he does not get nominated, but instead is given a one-off "Special Award".

Betting Rashford ought to be printing, but it's "no bet" for me, this all just feels a bit odd. When something looks to good to be true, it usually is.


  • pompeynicpompeynic Member Posts: 1,616
    It depends if you are talking popularity vote or sporting achievement vote.
    Rashford has already got a “ popularity gong” for getting the establishment to reverse a stupid decision. Has he done anything to win a sporting vote?
    Hamilton, about to win another World Championship, has now become the driver to win most formula one races. In a year where sport has been shackled not too many events stick out in the memory. Jimmy Anderson becomes the highest non spinning wicket taker in test cricket. A Brit won the Giro D’italia the other day, in most years worth a mention but hardly a “personality of the year”
    I would give my team of the year vote to the West Indies cricket teams , both men’s and women’s , for saving our Summer game by being brave enough to come over. Liverpool will probably get the vote though.
    I may have a mental block, but it seems hard to remember back to the beginning of the year , to come up with someone or something outstanding in sport.
  • MattBatesMattBates Member Posts: 3,773
    Has been a few articles about this.
    The current rules state that a nomination must be based on 'sporting achievements'.
    Rashford could be in line for the Helen Rollason Award, which awards 'outstanding achievement in the face of adversity'.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 83,173

    So putting him in the "main" betting at 5/2 is a bit naughty really? A whole lot of people are going to get suckered by that if you are correct.
  • edrichedrich Member Posts: 977
    Difficult market to bet on.

    You get all sorts of campaigns for certain candidates on social media, for all sorts of reasons, which can sway the voting.

    Gave up trying to guess this when Ryan Giggs won.
    I can only assume it was some sort of lifetime achievement nod, as I don’t recall him doing much that year, apart from nearing the end of his career.

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