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What the heck is happening to me

TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
edited April 10 in The Rail
Since finishing the challenge last month I can't help but notice a rather disturbing habit has started to form. I can't get through a day without exercising.

Seriously if I don't get out and train in one form or another I feel really bad about it. This morning saw me driving the 6 miles to Westport Lake by 7am. in a blooming snow storm just to exercise for an hour and a half, and yesterday I exercised morning and evening.

My big worry is that as I get fitter and lighter and start to jog / run I'm going to be one of those people who sets the alarm for 6am does 10k before breakfast and ends up totally addicted.

It's going to be even better / worse from Monday as the gym reopens and it's 24/7. I've already got Mon night / Tues morning planned out with 3k mix of jog/walk on the treadmill, then a 20k bike followed by a 2k row.

The family just don't understand it and I can't really explain it to them in fact I can't explain it to myself, is it psychological or physical? and why is it happening?

Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying it and the benefits to my health but when I'm asked why after years of being sedentary I suddenly have a desire to exercise I have no defining answer.


  • GlenelgGlenelg Member Posts: 5,476
    edited April 10
    @TheEdge949 you have become a "endorphin junkie". Google "endorphin excercise". More addictive than heroin.
  • tai-gartai-gar Member Posts: 1,380
    Whatever you have caught keep it up I am sure it will benefit you in the long run (excuse the pun).
  • goldongoldon Member Posts: 5,627
    "STOP" This could be you.!

  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 5,104
    Good l stuff, keep it up and us updated.

    "endorphin junkie" is what it is.
  • HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 16,897
    There are much worse things to be addicted to.
  • rabdenirorabdeniro Member Posts: 2,683
    Am goin the opposite way, am getting addicted to ma couch, lying dreaming about being in the pub when it finally opens, am geting a bit stir crazy.
  • TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 2,193
    edited April 11
    Googled it, read it, cr4pped my pants, re read it, decided ok. As @HAYSIE says there's worse things to be addicted to and went for a power walk to get my head straight.

    Thanks for the replies guys, it makes sense now, it felt just a little bit out of control as I'd never felt the need to just exercise for it's own sake.

    Forcing myself to have a day off today and just chilling with a coffee and the remote control.
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