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Oscars Smackdown.



  • VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 9,249
    On the flight logs

  • VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 9,249
    Was supposed to be a weak jab not a slap....

  • DoublemeDoubleme Member Posts: 580
    I think Will has just lost all his dignity recently. I mean he has a lot of money but he probably has no self worth no self esteem and no dignity left, likely a broken shell of a man after the whole cuck thing came out.

    I think I just pity him really.
  • Jac35Jac35 Member Posts: 6,166

    I think you're wrong with just about every point you've made here
  • CammykazeCammykaze Member Posts: 1,345
    Initial thought was of a cynical view, two actors, Oscars likely not getting the viewership it once had etc.

    Having watched the clip and heard someone talking about this earlier today I have changed my opinion quite a bit. I don't think this was pre-meditated like a lot of these sorts of things.

    Read that Chris Rock made a similar type joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith in the past and this is the 2nd version of it. Rock is a comedian, he makes jokes and that is his job. This hit a nerve in Will Smith and his wife so the reaction was what it was.

    Believe Will Smith was wrong to do this and it's hard to defend that action. Understand his wife has alopecia and the joke could be seen as a punching low. I thought the joke was fine, not hilarious and generally not into humour like that, Rock I heard is an edgy comic. Jada looked displeased in the clip from the OP and he was defending his wife's honour which is acceptable too.

  • HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 21,101
    edited March 30
    Leaked Academy Awards letter reveals leaders are 'outraged and upset' at Will Smith and it could take WEEKS to dish out punishment as downcast Chris Rock is seen for the first time since Oscars ahead of sold-out comedy show in Boston

    Chris Rock stayed tight-lipped Tuesday when he was spotted in public for the first time since the night of the Oscars, where he was slapped onstage by actor Will Smith. The comedian kept his head down as he arrived in Boston on Tuesday, ahead of his sold-out show on Wednesday night. In one of the most shocking moments in the history of the vaunted awards show, Smith strode on stage Sunday during the awards show and slapped Rock in the face after the comedian made a joke about the appearance of Smith's wife. Smith's meltdown continued when he returned to his seat as he repeatedly screamed: 'Keep my wife's name out of your f***ing mouth'. The crowd then fell into stunned silence - and any questions over whether the altercation was genuine were answered when just over half an hour later Smith was given the Best Actor award and apologized for the assault. The actor released a statement on Monday, saying his behavior was 'unacceptable and inexcusable' and left him 'embarrassed'. Rock, who had not been seen until today, had told the Los Angeles Police Department that he does not want to press charges. A source told TMZ on Monday that after the slapping incident, he went backstage to his dressing room and has not spoken to Smith.
  • VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 9,249
  • VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 9,249
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