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50NL Heads Up

EatSlpPlyEatSlpPly Member Posts: 7
edited September 2014 in Strategy
Does anyone actually play this? I'm sure half of them just sit there to sit out when someone joins them... waste of time


  • pokerdonkpokerdonk Member Posts: 126
    edited August 2014
    tell me about it.   Just a bunch of clowns hogging the tables.

    Gave up trying to get a game on here.  I try here as the standard of player is so soft but they just sit out all day

    PS you can get a game 24/7 without any problem 

    Just read (yesterday) that skypoker has been voted softest poker site online for 2nd year running. LOL 
  • Itsover4uItsover4u Member Posts: 1,480
    edited September 2014
    Il play you happilly as I get sat out on by many of the regs....

    Drop me an PM and we can arrange a time
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