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Suspicious of sky poker? read this.

MurklemanMurkleman Member Posts: 12
edited September 2014 in Strategy
Hello. I am a professional poker player both offline and online. I play the vast majority of my poker on 'pokerstars' and have made more than 2 million pounds in my life earnings from playing low and high stakes poker. Recently, I deposited money into a skybet account to bet on a few football games. After winning a couple of easy bets, I saw the ad for 'sky poker', so I went to play on it. What I have experienced is an absolute disgrace. Within 3 hands, I had a 'J9' offsuit, and flopped a straight. I betted a small amount and then was raised by a suspicious looking player with many chips, who would always call no matter what. (Of course, all players look suspicious on this site as sky poker fills everyones' profile pictures up with a default icon... this is to hide the fact that this site has extremely low traffic; meaning that there are very few players on it. So anyway, after I was raised, I went all in with my straight: and the guy calls (surprise surprise)... with a K6 offsuit. The guy went all in with top pair?? That's fair enough as he might of thought I was bluffing. But then..... on the turn comes a king. He now has 3 of a kind, but I'm still winning as I have a straight. So, what comes on the river? ANOTHER KING. The last king in the deck has came out to give him four of a kind. This is so so so unlikely. Especially as I have just sat down at the table. Then, a couple hands later, I have a pair of queens. There is only one player left to call so I move 'all-in'. The player then calls with a K4 offsuit. Long story short he gets a pair of kings on the river. These two amazingly unlikely hands are possible in poker, but amazingly was within 5 minutes of me sitting at the table, and about 3 hands after each other. I lost 5 pound, which is nothing, but I was so amazed by this that I stayed at the table to watch the 'bot' player. I spent the rest of the night watching people play. None of the gameplay looked natural, people were not taking the normal time needed for decisions etc. He was calling after the flop with weak hands like '96 offsuit' and making 3 of a kind on the turn AND the river. Also, Honestly, I'm not a bad loser because I only lost 5 pound lol I'm a millionaire, but all I'm saying is DO NOT TRUST A SITE WITH HARDLY ANY PLAYERS. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE. Ever wondered why nobody ever talks on your table? They're not real players. I have also played on many many poker sites and have never felt like this before (888poker, partypoker, full tilt etc)... feels like I'm playing a computer. It just feels like sky poker are trying to recover the money I won on skybet from betting on sports. Also, I think most of the corrupt play is after the flop, the turn and the river seem to be so unlikely that it is mathematically improbable, and that is baring in mind that more hands are played online than offline. Believe me I know what I'm talking about. If you want to play poker then play elsewhere. This site does not randomly generate cards like they should. FACT.


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