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Messi named by FIFA as Best Player at World Cup??

VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 12,103
edited July 2014 in The Football Corner
What a disgrace !!!!!!


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    BADBOY985BADBOY985 Member Posts: 1,957
    edited July 2014
    After the first stage of matches  David Luiz was the top of the FIFA rankings!

    If it wasnt for the fact that the telly comentators had to approach @rgasm everytime he touched the ball you would have hardly noticed him during the knockout stages.

    Mark Lawranson summed it up when the comenetator asked "does Messi have to win this world cup to be thought of alongsides the likes of Pele and Maradonna?" YES 

    I think Shcwienstiger should have won it

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    HITMAN_RVHITMAN_RV Member Posts: 8,688
    edited July 2014
    In Response to Messi named by FIFA as Best Player at World Cup??:
    What a disgrace !!!!!!
    Posted by VespaPX
    CORRECT, A Disgrace!!

    Mind Everything FIFA touch is a DAMNING DISGRACE!!!
    I hope the English Corparate Partner caught Touting on a Massive scale, ends up in a Brazilian Prison!!

    I had many Dealings with English FA, & AFA, as I Captained The Amatuer Football Association Team in my Mid Twenties! There are so Many Blue-Blazered, Pompous Fools running Football you would not believe, in ALL Countries, as i played in Europe, Brazil & Argentina!! ...It was Shocking!
    Was asked to help with an Official Role when I packed in, but stepped away, not wanting to be part of it!!

    Anyway, sry, get off ma Soapbox!!

    Golden Player..

    Yes Schweinstiger, Rodriguez, Mascherano,
    Cannot really see beyond these three, tho 4/5 others were close!!
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    MaggiesdadMaggiesdad Member Posts: 439
    edited July 2014
    Mascherano all day.....
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    FLASHJONNYFLASHJONNY Member Posts: 2,537
    edited July 2014
    mascherano or neuer no problem with them pair
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    TeddyBloatTeddyBloat Member Posts: 1,419
    edited July 2014
    Messi, sponsored by adidas wins the golden boot sponsored by adidas, who pay millions of pounds to fifa for the privilage of sponsoring the golden boot sponsored by adidas and subsequently awarded to messi sponspred by adidas.

    Messi maybe adidas' highest profile player, but this is fifa, and we know that they are beyond corruption, innit.
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