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BrrrrrrrBrrrrrrr Member Posts: 4,207
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One of my biggest bugbears in football is fans who leave early before the final whistle. You pay your money to watch your team until the final whistle, not to leave a few minutes before the end.

If your team has won you might want to cheer them off the pitch, if they have done badly you might even want to give them a few choice words, but you don't leave early.

Have just watched the League Two play off final and losing 1-0 in extra-time stoppage time hundreds if not thousands of Southend fans left Wembley and then Southend scored to take the final to penalties.

I had to laugh at the Sky pictures of Southend fans racing back up Wembley way trying to get back into the stadium for the shoot-out, which they won!

If they didn't get back it serves them right!!!


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    VespaPXVespaPX Member Posts: 12,103
    edited May 2015
    Glory hunting part time fans that probably haven't been to a game all season.
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    dragon1964dragon1964 Member Posts: 3,054
    edited May 2015
    +1 to the OP
    A couple of people who sit in front of me leave early every week, even close exciting games.
    Its got earlier every season and last game they rose from their seats to leave at exactly 77mins 40secs.
    We try to guess the time now. (sad, I know)
    Add injury time and they miss about a fifth of the game.

    It always makes the win sweeter when we grab victory with 2 late goals.
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