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How does your club rate regarding Pricing etc

TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 5,509
edited March 2016 in The Football Corner
My club Stoke City have always been aware that the area is a very poor one in terms of wages etc and have actually gone out of their way to keep football cheap for the supporters.

We pay the same now as we did when we first got promoted to the Premier League (9 seasons with the prices frozen and no increase next season)

We get FREE travel to ALL away games and have for the last 3 seasons 

Early Bird season ticket for this coming season = £18.10 per game and you can pay over 12 months at no extra charge.

Individual match tickets £27

Yes there are more expensive options but Im looking at the default sections of the ground

I realise that we arent everybodys cup of tea but theres a certain team 5 miles up the road moaning that they cant average 5,000 gates mind you they play in League 1 and charge nearly £28 a game with no cash gates so casual fans have to go out  their way to get one and really what would you choose Stoke v Chelsea @ £27 or Port Vale v Colchester @£28

So whilst we may not be getting it right 100% of the time on the pitch I think off it the club are doing the fans proud.

yours in sport
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