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Neil,why don't you?

TheMadMonkTheMadMonk Member Posts: 291
edited March 2017 in Chat with Channing
Do a poker twitch one night on the sky tables,I watch them a lot,and you would be perfect for it.


  • TheMadMonkTheMadMonk Member Posts: 291
    edited January 2018
    Put this up a while ago,do you not fancy doing a twitch or just to busy for it?

    Really do think you be perfect for it,you got a sense of humour,you can play a bit ( so ime told ) your well known enough to attract a good following,and you can gab a bit, all the criteria needed to make a good few quid on twitch.
  • K0BAYASHlK0BAYASHl Member Posts: 2,027
    +2 although I fear he is too busy, I agree he would be great. He would get a massive following and a lot of subs haha.
  • TheMadMonkTheMadMonk Member Posts: 291
    There you go Neil,that's you gtd 2 followers ,that's more than some on twitch have haha
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