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big stack win two many hands check stat why is it check stat because they wantb then to win it is no

babyluke10babyluke10 Member Posts: 25
black belt poker was better cert players always win its not skill check stat they say more money comes in if they lose bad beat they dont play let you win now and again you won irish open 1000000 if i recall


  • PkDevilPkDevil Member Posts: 147
    Good big-stacks take down more hands because they use their stacks to pressurise weaker players resulting in a lot of folds and therefore uncontested pots....

    You are also more likely to notice when the big-stack wins because they are the ones you are paying more attention to because you are afraid of them as they are more likely to knock you out.

    Chips are like a form of compounding interest. The more you have, the more (sensible) gambles you can play against weaker stacks and so you may lose one or two but you'll get it back (probably) and more besides.

    This is why when somebody really starts building up their stack on a table they can be very hard to stop and more often than not they are able to run away with it as everybody else freezes up with fear.
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