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royal ascot

did you have a good ascot neil had a good tuesday lagoestovegas and a couple placed in a l 15 and that was it rest of the week hopeless good luck in vegas


  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157,207
    edited June 2018

    Hi mate,

    I make a point of never answering questions on Mr Channing's behalf, but lest he is too modest, (and bear in mind he is currently 35,000 feet up in the air in a Boeing 747) he had a great Royal Ascot, which began in fine style when he tipped the winner of the opener on Day 1, which won at 33/1. His tips were all on Betting Emporium, which is a superb tipping service.

    I back everything which Neil tips on B-E EXCEPT when I'm in Vegas, as I struggle to get on from here & dare not risk my few remaining accounts.

    So I missed them all including that lovely 33/1 opener.

    Marv, YBA etc.
  • NChanningNChanning Member Posts: 838
    Tikay is correct, it wasn't too bad. That first winner certainly helped and we had a pretty decent sized bet on it, had a bad Wednesday but backed a few other winners later in the week so it was pretty good. Next big meeting is Glorious Goodwood which is always one that can lead to sweat dreams or sometimes nightmares.
  • TwoAnchorsTwoAnchors Member Posts: 126
    Rumour has it you and the team at Betting Emporium did quite well at Goodwood Neil, care to elaborate?
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157,207

    He will be too modest, so here's the crux of it;

    He tips a lot of horses, often several per race, but here's the sum total of Glorious Goodwood, 12 (TWELVE) winners as below


    Allfars @ 7/1


    Soto Sizzler @ 22/1

    RumbleintheJungle @ 9/2

    Lightning Spear @ 11/1


    Wild Illusion @ 5/1

    More Than This @ 4/1


    Mirage Dancer @ 15/8

    Regal Reality @ 5/1 (returned at 10/1)

    Seniority @ 9/2

    Pretty Baby @ 3/1


    Tommy G @ 16/1

    Gifted Dancer @ 20/1

    Suggested stakes vary from race to race on a "points" system. Based on recommended stakes, the profit was 466 points (or at £10 per point, £4,660) with a total ROI of +66%.

    Pretty good, huh?
  • TwoAnchorsTwoAnchors Member Posts: 126
    Thanks Tikay, I knew about some of those from the Betting Emporium Twitter feed but those results and that ROI are off the scale. Well played Neil!
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