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Are the teams dead?

ShaunyTShaunyT Member Posts: 619
So I've been off sky poker for a while, recently returned for the DTD amongst other things. Checked my TPT thread, nothing new for ages. Then I realised all the team thread have been inactive for weeks. After playing the DTD, final tabling and winning one the other day (sneaky brag) I had no rail at all (not like the good old days) and neither did any of my opponents.

I still love the DTD games, and there are still maybe 2 dozen regs still playing, with Boxster and J3ono doing a sterling job and sky being the great hosts as always with the prizes. But I think the "team" element is all but done and dusted....


  • ShaunyTShaunyT Member Posts: 619
    Guess the silence is my answer lol. Sad times.....
  • madprofmadprof Member Posts: 3,294
    When I first joined Sky, I thought I'd like to join a team so put up an 'ask' and got no can't be ar sed to join a team
  • ShaunyTShaunyT Member Posts: 619
    madprof said:

    When I first joined Sky, I thought I'd like to join a team so put up an 'ask' and got no can't be ar sed to join a team

    It used to be worth it. Really active. Genuine rivalry, with healthly, friendly competition. Team meet ups. The forum even organised a live event or 2 when the SPT wasn't active. It was a really nice feature of playing on sky. It's very sad it seems to have gone. Although the DTD's are still fun and I think sky should be applauded for providing prizes. J3ONO has just posted, there is a SPT seat for Glasgow for the monthly prize. Amazing prize considering...
  • DoyleBrunDoyleBrun Member Posts: 1,296
    Thought this for a long while very few posts now still like the Monday league but that seems to be dwindling as well.
  • Danyo0Danyo0 Member Posts: 170
    well I am up for starting a unofficial team, where we can work together etc and share stats and help each improve
  • FLASHJONNYFLASHJONNY Member Posts: 2,537
    **** shame
  • FLASHJONNYFLASHJONNY Member Posts: 2,537
    sorry about that i meant dam shame
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