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small bet sizing buttons

craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,697
1/3 cbet sizings is becoming a fasion in poker and I see it a lot and without a time bank I recommend sky now introduces a 1/3 bet size button.
Most other poker site I play allow it's players to chose what the bet size buttons are I might be wrong but I cannot find an option to do this anywhere on sky


  • chappo100chappo100 Member Posts: 116
    yeah customizing this would be even better, wheres my 130% pot button
  • sikassikas Member Posts: 857
    would also like to see 4x customisable buttons too, its industry standard now.

    ...also MTT and Cash game stacks displayed in Big Blinds
  • OutTheMudOutTheMud Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm new to Sky Poker but from what I've seen on the forum, the software will be changing at some point?

    I also hope they will incorporate customisable bet size buttons & ability to view stacks in BB.
  • T_BRADLEYT_BRADLEY Member Posts: 3
    My opinion is to do away with presets all together, having a time bank with a slider or text box may slow down the hand rate but it adds a layer of depth to gauging another player
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