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How I Play to Beat 4nl on Sky Poker

suneel7suneel7 Member Posts: 52
edited November 15 in Cash Strategy
Edit: Out dated so vids have been deleted

Part 1 - Intro + Fundamentals

Part 2 - Action & Implementation

Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. Please feel free to leave questions if you have any.

I stream poker on twitch. I welcome you to follow on there so you get notified when I go Live. I'm looking to do a bunch of live cash + tournament streams in the up coming near future.

Here is my page - (With my new kick-**** gaming logo xD)

Disclaimer - I still consider myself a solid beginner at the game, not an expert any means. But to my credit I've been a long time winner at cash at micro's dispite playing for fun here and there for years.

My graphs are posted on my home twitch page so you're welcome to have a look.

Stay Safe, Keep Calm, Play Poker & Have a great weekend ;)

Best Wishes,



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