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RSPCA Coaching



  • tai-gartai-gar Member Posts: 1,802
    edited September 2020
    HAYSIE said:

    rspca12 said:

    The way it should be had enough drama

    Stay calm, and good luck with it.
    Agreed but IMO Poker is a game of Knowledge, Skill, Intuition and Luck.

    Whilst it may be possible to coach some of these the rest is down to chance.

  • biggirlbiggirl Member Posts: 68

    Wtf are you talking about @steveysee? You're one of the most irritating people on this site. Little whiney chatbox warrior who loves nothing better than to bash casual players in chat while simultaneously not playing great and then have the audacity to say Chris offering coaching is bad for the small player pool....

    Maybe Chris wants to give back to a site that has given him a lot? Maybe he enjoys teaching and the reward of having students improve? There are plenty of people hungry to learn and studying poker is a bit more than 'giving up player notes', maybe if you ever studied poker you'd know that and not be so scared of Chris's students hurting your 5% roi in the deepstack.....

    nailed it, so many times you've had a go at me in the chat Steve. If you think I'm a poor player then you should be wanting me to stay on Sky?
  • hazelwoo05hazelwoo05 Member Posts: 47
    RSPCA is a top player on sky, excellent live too and great passion and experience for the game. Coaching is part and parcel of any game. Good luck to Chris for wanting to share his knowledge and to his students.
  • rspca12rspca12 Member Posts: 613
    Sry to say i decided not to continue with coaching. Didn't realise/judge time needed to do it to the standard i wont. sry about that lads. ty for all the support on this thread
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