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Sky Bet changes

MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 14,111
Sky Bet have just changed their Best Odds Guaranteed policy. It is now not applicable on extra place races or cash back races.

I had a '16/1' winner yesterday, and realised I only got 15/2 return on it as that was the price when I placed the bet.

In your honest view, is this good for the industry as a whole......better for the everyday punter......or somewhere in between?

I have not really made my mind up yet (ie. not clever enough to crunch the numbers), so will welcome your feedback.


  • NChanningNChanning Member Posts: 649
    Hi Maxally, nice to play with you Friday. BOG, extra places and cash back are really massive loss-leaders that are probably too generous to punters. I know many people in the industry think inventing BOG was a massive mistake but they have to keep it as their competitors do. I could see it disappearing in the next few years. I guess other industries usually have small print on loss-leader offers saying "can't bge used in conjunction with other offers" etc. Some of the extra place races are not as great as they look, getting 1/5th 12345 is nowhere near as good as 1/4 1234 and 1/5th 123456 is about the same as 1/4 1234. I think if you could just have one you'd do better with BOG in the long run. The cash back things are generally really good although often it's money back as a free bet.

    From an industry point opf view I guess BOG is worse because it's just great for everyone. Some people make mistakes with free bets using them on odds-on chances or forget to use them at all. On extra place races people sometimes are encouraged by races where it doesn't help much. If the loss leader involves startegy from the customer some people will use the wrong strategy.
  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 14,111
    Thanks for the reply Neil. I am just a fun punter, but what you have wrote, makes sense even to me.
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