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Return of the UKOPS sidebet

chrisdonkbchrisdonkb Member Posts: 122
edited October 29 in Poker Chat
Evening all :)

Once again UKOPS has arrived and not being content with just losing tournament buy-ins for a week straight, a group of us have decided to add some side action to make the grind a bit more competitive and exciting. Most of you will remember the lineup from last time but we decided to give ourselves a better chance and try and get some dead money involved this time in addition to the one spot we had last time (if you're unsure who that was, his name rhymes with foggy). After scouring the Sky Poker streets far and wide we've managed to convince some of the nut worst on sky to join us in playing the entire schedule and trying to accumulate as many points as possible.

There will be two separate bets which i'll breakdown in a moment but first of all here is the line up we've assembled:


Pretty soft as you can see.

First of all we have a bet for individual performance. This is £100 per player with the winner being the one who accumulates the most points from UKOPS events (excluding the 530) using the points system sky have provided. 2nd place will pocket £200 with the winner taking home the rest B). More importantly, the person who acquires the least points and hence the loser, will be forced to stream an entire tournament session on Twitch while wearing fancy dress, which will chosen by the winner. Not sure what happens if @loololollo loses again. Maybe we could get him dressed up for a streamed @rspca12 coaching session?

To follow up, we also have a teams bet. We have seven teams of 2 players (£100 a team) which will also be based on points across the UKOPS events and again excluding the 530. The team that finishes in 2nd place will be exempt from paying and the winning team will take the lot. The losing team are going to be paying double!

Teams were drawn randomly and are:

@Tedson + @chrisdonkb (Tedson just cementing that he truly does run the best on sky).
@miniman88 + @GSmith13
@loololollo + @Super_Oli
@destinycod + @FeelGroggy
@fishhhhh + @heddoh18
@Sharki0 + @rspca12
@albania + @sandforddd

Will try and update the forum daily with our standings and group standings :) We have been lucky enough to have it go down to the last day in the prior two bets so hopefully we have some good sweats towards the end of the week.

I can't remember who came up with the idea last time (maybe @StayOrGo?) but anyone who guesses the correct team order from most points to least can choose a charity and I will donate £50! So get involved and best of luck to everyone playing the series :)


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