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Is this spew? Am I out of line with 1 over and a flush draw?

mcglynn07mcglynn07 Member Posts: 153
edited December 2020 in Poker Chat
Trying to play cash again and understand the need to get aggressive. Am I out of line here? My equity to call Raise on flop is there
with NFD but it seems a bit needless to punt off a stack with just one over and a draw? I don't think I should be potting the flop as a bluff should of prob played the hand as a check on flop and decide on turn and river when to put more money in. As i lose to any pair, two pair, sets etc.

Hally1965 Small blind £0.02 £0.02 £3.68
hookyboy Big blind £0.04 £0.06 £3.52
Your hole cards
A spades
J spades

jampot Fold
mum1 Call £0.04 £0.10 £3.27
Bonesy9 Fold
mcglynn07 Raise £0.12 £0.22 £4.76
Hally1965 Raise £0.42 £0.64 £3.26
hookyboy Fold
mum1 Fold
mcglynn07 Call £0.32 £0.96 £4.44

6 spades
K hearts
5 spades

Hally1965 Check
mcglynn07 Bet £0.96 £1.92 £3.48
Hally1965 Raise £1.92 £3.84 £1.34
mcglynn07 All-in £3.48 £7.32 £0.00
Hally1965 All-in £1.34 £8.66 £0.00
mcglynn07 Unmatched bet £1.18 £7.48 £1.18
Hally1965 Show
mcglynn07 Show




Hally1965 Win Two Pairs, Kings and 6s £6.91 £6.91

I feel this is spew my FD is only 36% on flop and if he has 55 or 66 i'm only 25%. Thanks for any comments


  • NitrogenNitrogen Member Posts: 66
    He 3 bets pre and then checks to you - if you bet and he folds you are only getting rid of the bottom of his range and ensuring he's strengthened for the turn, everything that calls you beats you and everything you beat folds.

    But most importantly you have a free shot at hitting on the turn so take it. If he'd bet the flop then there's a case for raising depending on a few things but stacking with a fd is not usually necessary.

    Most interesting is his lack of a cbet on K65ss w/ AK which is something to note and exploit as he is really weakening his cbet range if he does that a lot - meaning that when he does cbet you can attack wider.
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