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Without being results orientated , would like a second opinion on this hand , many thanks :)

Card4LifeCard4Life Member Posts: 17
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Your hole cards
  • Q
  • Q
  • K
  • 8
  • 5
  • K
  • A


  • Monkey104Monkey104 Member Posts: 1
    Interesting hand. I think you can argue either way on this one and for me it would be depend on how much I know of the opponent. If I know very little or they are a decent player I would prefer a discliplined fold here as too many hands where we're behind/could be crushed, but if the opponent is a loose cannon I would favour the call
  • WilhelmWilhelm Member Posts: 1,730
    edited May 9
    It's as Monkey says, completely player dependent. Has the villain done this sort of thing before? Have you seen any hands go to showdown? What are your general observations on the villain?

    If we are completely readless then we have to play against what we think the average NL10 player would shove with here, and I'd say more often than not that beats QQ.
  • FeelGroggyFeelGroggy Member Posts: 772
    I think you have to call here. It is very hard for you to not have a ton of outs even if you are currently behind. You need around 41% equity to call here and vs a king you actually have 43%. That is without factoring in that a good opponent would never take his line here, which gives you reason enough to think they could show up with some really questionable hands here that you have crushed. You do sometimes see people shove hands like 9x9c here or a flush-draw themselves like AxJc.
  • craigcu12craigcu12 Member Posts: 3,814
    I could agree with wilhelm but I would also agree with groggy in other words this looks like one of those really close calls.

    A thoughtful player will never take this line so when he does donk river then all he's thinking about is his own cards. Going on from their he could have a Kx combo that he's donk shoving to take down the pot but he could also have a random club or weak pair so you should call QQ.

    One think I'll add is I highly doubt he has a nut flush because thinking players would never take this line and I see non thinkers be far more trappy with their nut flushes and they normally do play strongest combos more passive because they expect players to fold this shove

  • shearer464shearer464 Member Posts: 7
    edited July 28
    Fold for me because of the 3 Clubs and to higher stake and you can get beaten by AA or KK, you made the right call :)
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