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Mystic Smegs Top 10 2021/2022 Season predictions

TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 5,458
1, Spurs finally dominate in Europe as their Chas and Dave collaboration is selected for the UK entry at Eurovision and wins.

2, Evertons new stadium is completed just in time for the 22/23 Championship season.

3. Stoke City announce a 5 year contract for manager Michael O'Neil on the back of a record breaking points total scuppering the hopes of both Pep and Jose who both indicated a desire to manage the most attractive club in Europe.

4, Manchester City refuse to pay the £10,000,000 asking price for Kane. A spokesperson said "This club is run on a very strict financial footing and we won't pay exhorbitant fees or salaries".

5, Brentford confound the experts by not getting relegated until the end of February.

6, Arsenal fans protest against something, anything, somebody. After all it's got to be more exciting than actually watching them play.

7, Vale Park is voted the best playing surface in the country. The groundsman accepted the praise of the judges but conceeded that when there's that much cr4p on the pitch every few days its not difficult.

8, Jurgen Klopp unveils his team to win the league. It's Man City.

9, Manchester United fans empathise with Tottenham and Arsenal supporters as all 3 endure another season of mediocrity, Solsjaar blames the fixture congestion, Artetta blames a lack of ambition and Spurs 3rd manager of the season blames his prdecessors.

10, England win the World Cup

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