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Christmas early derby are down

thefallthefall Member Posts: 1,955
Happy days, no place for cheats in the Championship.


  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 17,457
    Midlands news weather report said it was -3 in Derby today.
  • stokefcstokefc Member Posts: 7,598
    It's the fans i feel for ..Devastating
  • pompeynicpompeynic Member Posts: 2,817
    edited November 2021
    I agree @stokefc .
    Having been through all the awful times bad ownership brings, it is always the fans, the ever presents , that take the hit. I also feel for Wycombe Wanderers, they really should be playing Championship football this season, for a club of their size a second season in the Championship could have made all the difference. Derby should have gone last season, the EFL messed it up , again.
    These are historical offences, and you would have thought football clubs would have learnt by now, but here we are, post Covid, when all the clubs were pleading poverty, and yet spending is still outstripping income in the majority of clubs.
    The fans do have a part in this, pressure to get promoted, pressure from the terraces, when players, managers , do not bring results.
    Derby , I fear , will not be the last club to suffer this fate.
  • thefallthefall Member Posts: 1,955
    Do not feel any sympathy for the supporters whatsoever. They have what they deserve.
    Just rejoice that they are in League 1 next season.
    They have been caught out and a fitting punishment for all to enjoy.
    Shame there isn't a carry forward for League 1.
  • EssexphilEssexphil Member Posts: 7,933
    I feel sorry for the supporters. You should support a team for life, through good and bad. Not their fault they are run by crooks.

    Hard to feel sorry for the Owners (and, to a lesser extent, the club itself). Their behaviour since they were first caught doing this has been shocking.
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