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Doublemes takeout reviews

DoublemeDoubleme Member Posts: 580

So its been a while since I mentioned about the takeouts I like or dislike. Recently I tried tacobell I had heard of it before and seen it referenced in a few tv shows so was curious if it was any good. I would say that it wasn't bad but it wasn't good I would just define it as Average takeout food the thing was though it was very overpriced takeout food so I would not recommend it.

I think that some takeouts cost more then others but that is okay if they offer much nicer takeout, the old saying you get what you pay for comes to mind. However with Tacobell its just you pay premium price for standard quality generic stuff, so not an ideal buy.

Which brings me onto the next takeout place I tried recently which is nathans famous now here is a premium priced takeout. generally you pay a lot more then usual for the takeout, however there is a big difference between Nathans Famous and Tacobell. Whilst Tacobell was premium prices for standard shite, Nathans famous was shown to be premium prices for premium quality food.

I would say that Nathans Famous can justify there higher prices on the fact that there food is much nicer and better quality. Indeed it is the closest I have ever come to the counter for a burger. Now of course they are not as good as the counter no one anywhere has ever matched the sublime heavenly perfection that is a burger from The counter. Unfortunately/fortunately The Counter are an american food chain who are not in the uk. I say fortunately/unfortunately because If they were in the Uk due to the orgasmic experience that is eating a burger from the counter, I would likely order to much and turn into jabba the hut.

Whilst Nathans famous did not match the perfection that is The Counter they are the closest thing to it yet.
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