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Who won what, Wednesday 23rd November. foldUfairy returns to form in the Main, a tart wins the Mini

Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 135,559

Considering the World Cup distraction, numbers were probably somewhere near expectations. Not good, but acceptable. The exceptions were the two late nighters, Quickdraw & MidEx, both of which fared very badly, with a combined overlay of £500. The new 9pm £16.50er continues to disappoint, & missed again. Think it's only covered twice since it was introduced. Can't see it lasting much longer unless it improves very soon.

We saw an interesting result in the Main which went to @foldUfairy who has taken 10 years to play around 1,700 MTT's, this being their biggest score in 5 years. Had some lovely results in 2013/14, including wins in the now defunct Turbo Open (£1,239), Rebuy Open (£1,742), & best of all, the old Super Roller, the last-named being worth £5,700, & in which @TimmyRaRa was runner-up for ~£3,500. Also making last night's Final was @HAYSIE who argued his way pedantically into 4th.

@fl4n, said to be something of a tart, took the Mini for the second, the previous occasion being over 2 years ago.

Just over a week since binking Summit for some £1,600, @GFKIJKLL had a win double, Mega & Quickdraw.

We seem to have an interesting newcomer in the Orwellian @AnimalFarm, who has been here less than a week but won Tuesday's £1k BH & was 4th in last night's 9pm affair.

@Shrimpy28 had a decent night, 8th in the Rebuy BH, 2nd in the 9pm, 3rd in Reload & 2nd in a £300 BH, not a bad return from just 10 MTT's played.

@aynaricol aka Moneybags did OK too, 3rd in the £1k BH, 4th in the Rebuy BH, & 12th in Reload for a nice profit, unless of course she was mashing the Rebuy button.

There was a quick double for @Kahuna96 who took Reload, & followed up by winning a £400 BH. He's had a great month, including winning UKOPS 56, 4th in the £110 UKOPS 28 & 2nd in a Summit.


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