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Who won what, Monday 28th November. jimjam347 evokes memories of Gutshot, & Mr Channing wins Turbo



  • ILIKE2FISHILIKE2FISH Member Posts: 421
    Once the World Cup finishes, I am confident the £16.50 BH will hit gtd.
    Maybe some all in satties will help with the hitting the gtd as well so players that don't buy in at that level then play.
    I been playing less tables across everywhere as I keep my 2nd screen 3/4 used for the footie.
    Tikay10 said:

    Traffic was decidedly thin last night, with plenty of overlay scattered around. The new £16.50 affair at 9pm missed by £235, & I really can't see it continuing unchanged much longer, it will either get a reduced guarantee or be gg'd.

    In the Main, @JimJam347 booked the win, just over a year since he won the junior version, the Mini. Won his seat in a satellite too. The alias "JimJam" will evoke memories of those who used to frequent an illegal spieler in East London called Gutshot Poker, as a player known as JimJam (a different one, I assume) was one of the "faces" there. I don't think anyone ever knew his real name, even on Hendon Mob his name was shown as "JimJam". What a place Gutshot was, I could almost write a book about the place. Every UK poker player that went on to become big time started there, including Roland de Wolfe, James Akenhead, Praz Bansi, the Chatta Brothers, James Dempsey, Jen Mason, & many, many others. Gutshot was eventually closed down by the authorities. It was owned & run by Derek Kelly & Barry "The Bully" Martin. Wonder what became of those two? Derek was quite likeable, Barry not so much. It was actually a horrendous place to play, all of us squeezed into an airless basement. God knows what would have happened if fire broke out, as there were no fire escapes. Fun times though, they really were.

    Back to last night, @Cammykaze continues his renaissance, after a deep & profitable run in Saturday's Main, he won Sunday's 7 @ 7 & followed up by taking last night's Mini. Good for him.

    In the £16.50 9pm thing, @Froozle beat a weak FT that included @Swog & @NOSTRI.

    There was a pleasant surprise in the Turbo with @NChanning single-tabling his way to 1st place. Sadly, there was some particularly unsavoury chat by a player who finished down the field. It beggars belief that folks can get so exercised by a little MTT that they become abusive, insulting, & use terms no decent person would use these days.

    @skyflyer was in great form, winning the Mega, as well as back to back late night £300 BH's, 4th in Turbo & a deep run in the Main.

    @MAXALLY won FTT2 & was 5th in FTT3, enough to give him 1st place in the Weekly League and a £33 Main Event ticket (or smaller denoms if he prefers). Well done Mr P.

  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 153,529

    £2 entry £100 Forum Triple Takedown 3 (£100)

    35 entries, £30 overlay

    @tillytrot 105000 1 £26 + £13.43 Head Prizes 3

    @GrowUrOwn 0 2 £16.25 + £7.19 Head Prizes 7

    @kdaddy 0 3 £9.75 + £3.13 Head Prizes 5

    @JACKDAW 0 4 £7.15 + £0.75 Head Prizes 1

    @MAXALLY 0 5 £5.85 + £1 Head Prizes 2

    @Oban 0 6 0
    HUGHMANS said:

    Well yes, I know that, but I meant avoid getting into a chat or argument with them.


    The player no longer has his chat facility.
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