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Satellite policy confusion

neely0y0neely0y0 Member Posts: 25
Tonight I played a satellite to the main, qualified, then my toddler started kicking off so I unregistered uncertain if I could play.
I was a bit surprised when the entry wasn't credited to my account so I contacted live support (short out Emily H, was very helpful) and was informed you cant cash out a ticket after satellite qualification. I was put back in to the tournament so no big loss but raises a few questions.
Why is this the policy? Didn't used to be this way on Sky Poker and isn't standard on other sites.
What happens to the money after I unregister? It's not a promotion the buy-in was generated by the field does Sky just keep it now? that doesn't seem reasonable.
Back when I played satellites I would often play concurrent satellites to the same tournament if I qualify for more than one do I just lose the others? If so why punish players who are utilising the game features at a higher volume, makes no sense to me at all.

Anyway not a huge gripe I will know for the future but really curious to hear the justification for what seems like an unnatural line here.


N x


  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,750
    if you are already in the target tournament then any further wins will be credited as cash. You can get around this by registering for the target game first then de-registering once the satellite win has been credited. careful that the game doesn't start in the meantime though.

    They are a few exceptions like SPT sats where a cash equivalent is not paid but extra seats banked.
  • neely0y0neely0y0 Member Posts: 25
    Thank you kindly cool1 for the helpful advice, but I'm still curious to hear from the site as to why this is the policy and what they do with the confiscated funds.
  • ToffeeandyToffeeandy Member Posts: 881
    Probably for the same reason that if someone gives you a £50 John Lewis voucher you can't just go in to John Lewis and ask them for £50 cash because you don't want to buy anything in their shop. Why would Sky runs sats to tournaments if the winners have an option of just taking the cash?
  • HENDRIK62HENDRIK62 Member Posts: 3,070
    ''Why is this the policy? Didn't used to be this way on Sky Poker and isn't standard on other sites.'' been this way ever since i started playing here, maybe it was different in past, you have always had to register in target MTT first if you wanted to take cash.
  • neely0y0neely0y0 Member Posts: 25
    both fair points and I appreciate the responses. The John Lewis gift card analogy would hold up if there was no option to unregister, but what is happening here is more like them taking the card back, what happens to the money?
    As I said from the start, it's not a big deal to me and I don't feel cheated at all, but I really am curious what becomes of the buy in. The site keeping it seems like the least fair option, and I'm interested how Sky will justify it, if in fact they respond.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 153,741


    Morning, & apologies for the delay in replying, though other players seem to have given you all the answers.

    "what happens to the money?" is a bit of an odd question imo. It's impossible to answer, money comes in, money goes out, it's simply income & expenditure, it does not go into separate little pots. But I fancy you knew that already.

    Why is it like that? I'd suggest it is software constraints, nothing more or less. You've been here over 11 years so I'd be surprised if you had not noticed the software is a little dated. Sky don't advertise, say or promote a Tourney Ticket system, so there's no obligation for them to auto refund.

    As @coo1-um explained, just about everyone knows that there is a work-around. Register for the target event, play the sat & if successful you'll be paid cash, then de-register from the target event.

    And if unaware of that, do exactly what you did, & CC will register you if you come up with a valid excuse. And poker players always find a valid excuse. I honestly can't recall any occasion when if a player had a genuine excuse, Sky Poker did put them back in the MTT foc.

    Anyway, you are here now, so I hope you'll look around & maybe hang around, we have plenty of Community Comps all of which are free to enter, with prizes donated by Sky Poker. These prizes from free to enter comps are worth something like £20,000 to £25,000 per year, & we've run them for donkey's years.

    Be assured, for all it's faults, (& there are plenty) Sky Poker are not out to diddle anyone.
  • NChanningNChanning Member Posts: 787
    Cheers Tikay...I was going to have a crack at replying but I didn't totally understand the questions. Feel free to raise any other queries though neely.
  • MISTY4MEMISTY4ME Member Posts: 6,026
    edited January 19
    NChanning said:

    Cheers Tikay...I was going to have a crack at replying but I didn't totally understand the questions. Feel free to raise any other queries though neely.

    Just watching you on 'LUCK ON SUNDAY' Neil.....Loving the 'Banksy' T-Shirt ......not sure what Nick thought of it tho :*

    Jane Williams really impressed me, very honest and hard-working, and I wish I had the money to have a horse or two with them, especially with them being in the South-West :)

    Hope to see you at Brighton SPT for a little catch-up, and CHELTENHAM Chat
  • NChanningNChanning Member Posts: 787
    Hi Misty...thanks for that...I love Banksy. Nick quite liked it I think. He's quite centrist really. Jane is lovely, I've met her before and Lizzie used to come on the programme a bit. I'm a big fan of Chester too...a really nice guy. I'll definitely see you in Brighton. Looking firward to that one, love that place.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 153,741
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