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Forum Comp Day 5, FRIDAY. 20.10 & 20.45 Beverley



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    Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 163,084
    MISTY4ME said:


    Hi Tony ........I don't know if you are aware, (or if you bother) but there was a 30p Rule 4 deduction in the 8.45pm race, due to a horrible incident with BOOM BOOM POW (5/2 Fav) being withdrawn when he tried to go under the front of stalls.

    I know it makes it a nightmare for you, but REVOQUABLE's task was obviously made far easier


    Morning Andy.

    I was not aware, no, so thanks for letting me know.

    It was late when I got home last night, & there were NR's galore, so it was all a bit of a pain, so I had not been aware of the R4.

    Having said that, for some time now, we have ignored Rule 4's in the Daily Forum Comp. Probably a bad decision, but it's such a hassle. And if a player were severely disadvantaged by a Rule 4 & lost out on a prize, I'm quite sure I'd make sure they never lost out.
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