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Outstanding Free Entries for Forum Competitions

Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 153,534
edited August 22 in Competition Corner
Good morning.

Thank you to everyone for their patience & understanding during my hiatus. Not a single person complained, which is terrific, thank you.

I am now fully back up to speed & Free Entries from Forum Competitions can be processed promptly, as they were pre-Vegas.

All outstanding Mini Major entries will be processed this Sunday, unless you have requested they be deferred. Probably a good idea for you to Post if you have one outstanding, in case I miss it.

Fort those who have won free entries into Mains & Minis, you just need to let me know what & when. Ideally, please also mention what Comp you won the prizes in, & when.

This applies to;

Micro Masters League managed by @mumsie

Forum Triple Takedown managed by @MAXALLY

Daily Forum Comp managed by yours truly.

Orfordable League managed by @SidV79 although I believe we are up to date on prizes for that.


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