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more abuse from player Aylabayla?

booker4booker4 Member Posts: 55
edited September 2023 in Chat with Channing
Can't SKY do anything about this abuse chat logs prove he trolls me every game
booker4: nh gl all
aylabayla: get yer dole money and call again
aylabayla: f ck off now and stop stalkin me
13:33booker4: constant abuse to the unemployed
aylabayla: no, just u
booker4: copied and sent
aylabayla: good husband=X, good father=X,good member of society=X good education=X
aylabayla: good for anything =X
booker4: all on forum
aylabayla: yup, we keep seeing
13:35PaintedOne: kk?
aylabayla: have u done any work in the last 2 weeks. paid or otherwise?
booker4: let these guys play poker in peace
aylabayla: there gettin a laff at u
booker4: you constantly abuse the disabled and unemployed
aylabayla: lies
aylabayla: i abuse u i then adopted u as my play thing


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    booker4booker4 Member Posts: 55
    He was banned for abusing my disabled son,but then got on the phone to SKY telling them he used his wife's account to come back on the site to abuse me. How does SKY allow this? He says SKY doesn't give a fxxk what he does. is this true?
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