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Professional moan it in , watch and learn -Christmas Draw Thread



  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,316
  • FORDAKIDZFORDAKIDZ Member Posts: 171
    Moaning in has worked, @mumsie who needs £100 when you can moan in a Mini instead :) Well played and well deserved.
  • EnutEnut Member Posts: 3,271
    mumsie said:

    Pro tips for the anyone wanting to change from a never winning a Sky Christmas draw loser to a winner winner.

    1) whilst playing your tables when it's not your turn to act. Click your mouse frantically on areas away from the buttons.
    This tricks the RNG into thinking you are playing way more hands than you are and will reward you with a prize eventually.

    2) Psychic Visualization: Close your eyes, visualize the prize in vivid detail, and telepathically communicate with the random number generator. Convince yourself that your mental connection will sway the outcome in your favor.


    Follow for more life changing tips.

    I tried this and have now developed RSI in my hand. On the basis that this may prevent me playing poker for a few days over the Christmas period I think I may be due some compensation. I have calculated my expected winnings at 34p over said period and would appreciate you sending a cheque for that amount to prevent further legal action.

    Oh and happy Christmas!
  • green_beergreen_beer Member Posts: 1,707
    edited December 2023
    tai-gar said:

    We definitely need a software update on Sky Poker.

    be careful what you wish for
    mumsie said:

    My Daughters Birthday tomorrow.....

    happy birthday, hope she has a wonderful day!
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,316

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