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Drawing thin...


  • Bean81Bean81 Member Posts: 464
    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy...The heater is well and truly over.

    The above link is great. I've had people in the table chat on Sky laugh at me for saying Hellmuth is bad at cash:
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 157,400


    IMO Airball is just a whale who could not beat £1-£2 on any site or live cash game. He started with a few bob in the bank from non-poker activities & is burning through it at an impressive rate.
  • Bean81Bean81 Member Posts: 464
    Agree, i can't think of many games he would beat.

    His ego also means he doesn't realise the high stakes games form around him. Maybe he doesn't care and just enjoys the celebrity factor that comes with being perceived as a rich poker player. To be fair, he's been smart with creating a pantomime villain image that means he gets invited to soft games.
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