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poker points

River_FoxRiver_Fox Member Posts: 119

I know this question has been asked before but I was hoping to bring it back up? I have earned a shedload of poker points *see image* and i know there are the freerolls that cost 20pts to enter but surely there should be a better way to use them? what about a freeroll that costs say 10000 points to enter and has decent prizes. for players that've been here a long time. just an idea but i think it would be quite popular no?


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    EssexphilEssexphil Member Posts: 8,122
    I believe there are 2 separate ways if approaching this:-

    1. The "official" line is that the poker points have already been used. Those points have already been used to calculate bonuses

    2. There is another way to look at this. These "points" have caused many queries like this. And cause an amount of both dissatisfaction and Sky Poker resource explaining this. Sky promotions exist to motivate the player base in a variety of ways, from rewarding Regs and Recs, increased play at various levels, all sorts.

    It should not be difficult to devise a future one that provides a mixture of reward for past, as well as future, play. So-let me give an example. Quite similar to the current one. How about-

    (1) Minimum qualifying criteria for that week/2 weeks-say 50 points
    (2) Freeroll, with additional chips for certain amounts of past poker points
    (3) Additional way for extra chips via participation in Forum
    (4) Sky afterwards to rebrand "Points" as "Past Points" to remove confusion

    The benefit to Sky? Could bring various people back...
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