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Who won what, Monday 15th January. Win doubles for tonyp142 & Super_Oli, dodgy alias wins Main.

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This day last year

"I've been AWOL most of the morning, so just a quick run-through today.

Traffic was reasonable again, though there were two annoying £100 Overlays - 9 @ 9, & MidEx. Shame, 9 @ 9 has been going well, but hopefully it's not the start of a trend.

In the Main, @Jonnyadams was the star. It was his 5th featured MTT win, 4 of which were since last August - 2 x £1k BH's & 2 x Quickdraw, so this was a step up. Think his brother & parents both play here too, gotta love the Adams Family.

In the Mini, @PP2 charged to victory, a big positive, and his first featured win since a MidEx 3 years back.

Talking of charging to victory, @Steed432 triumphed in Summit, although Sharkscope is not (at time of writing) showing that result. Later he ran 3rd in Turbo. It was his 2nd Summit win, the first being 5 years ago. Has also won the Major twice, & was 2nd in a £30,000 UKOPS Main for £6,000 a couple of years ago.

@yobbie took the 9 @ 9 & was 5th in 7 @ 7, so a decent sesh. Previous highlights include a brace of wins in both 7 @ 7 & Reload.

£1k BH specialist @supercrazy won the opener, which might be a record, it was the ninth time he's won this. Had some really nice results here back in the 2009 - 2014 era.

Last week's MML winner @steveysee took the 7 @ 7. He played last night's Main as his MML free entry & picked up £34 in head prizes, so that's a nice bit of bunce for him."


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