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Change of access pin number

JACKDAWJACKDAW Member Posts: 934
Hi, guys
I hope this reaches as many people as possible.
Sky bet,poker,vegas etc seem to be in the process of changing their login system instead of a 4 digit passcode they are changing it to a 6 digit passcode. My wife plays on poker on sky and was locked out of her account this morning because her 4 digit code no longer works(thanks sky bet for not informing anyone), after a day of stress assuming someone had hacked her account she finally found the issue and changed her passcode and all sorted.
Im posting this to try and save people the anguish of trying to get hold of sky bet to sort. I myself now having knowledge of this issue have gone into my account and changed my 4 digit passcode to a 6 digit before i get locked out too... it took me 30 secs

Hope this helps...... DAZ


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