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booker4booker4 Member Posts: 53
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AYLABAYLA, Asks players to knock me out of all poker tourneys which is collusion. I have no evidence of players doing this. If you look into his call logs you will see Racist remarks.
He has problems with the disabled and unemployed constantly abusing them as his chat logs show.
He got caught using different accounts but allowed to do this?
He admits to using different accounts in chat logs too.


  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,332

    Right to reply and clear your name.
  • booker4booker4 Member Posts: 53
    AYLABAYLA can't all the above is true
    Sky allowed this to happen

  • booker4booker4 Member Posts: 53
    AYLABAYLA chat logs prove he abuses the disabled and unemployed.
    His Racist remarks go unnoticed.
    He is allowed to have 3 accounts he has access to and openly admits to this on chat logs. and used them.
    Sky had banned his chat before but
    the next day he used another account, which was not his to abuse players. Sky knew about this and he still keeps his account.
  • booker4booker4 Member Posts: 53
    SKY has a good name and is respected, but allowing con men to cheat on their site is not what we would expect.
  • booker4booker4 Member Posts: 53
    Hi Phil,
    Just trying to stop Aylabayla from cheating us all, made many complaints to SKY but they seem oblivious to his actions, although he admits to having and using many accounts at different times. even when they banned his chat he used another account the next day to abuse and cheat us all.
    Not happy with defending my actions while the games are being played which must annoy other players, as it does me. But at least I let other players who don't suspect his cheating what he's like. He has said he wants me off the site. he said to everyone to knock me out of tourneys which is collusion and will get players banned.
    He phones SKY up and tells them a pack of lies. Which I have no control over or get a chance to answer his lies.
    Aylabayla not interested in your collusion of players to knock me out for you it will get players banned is that what you want? collusion?
    SKY allowing this?
  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 7,332
    In legal contexts, blame shifting or the act of attributing wrong doing or responsibility to someone else is often referred to as "deflection" or "deflecting blame." It's a tactic sometimes used to avoid accountability or liability in legal proceedings.
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    It's all getting more than tiresome, this daily, non-stop bickering between you two. It's been going on for years.

    We've had threads galore about it, & the two of you bicker every single day in the chat boxes.

    You are both as bad, & it needs to stop, it's unpleasant for randoms who just want to have a little fun playing little PLO8 tourneys & DYM's. It is because of this that the league had to be stopped, so the actions of you both have affected everyone.

    I've spent more time than enough asking/telling you to give it a rest, & I've wasted a whole lot of time doing so repeatedly both on the Forum and in Personal Messages.

    "AYLABAYLA, Asks players to knock me out of all poker tourneys which is collusion"

    I've spent 10 minutes examine all today's chat logs for you two, & the only dodgy comment was this, by aylabayla;

    "EVERYBODY knock bookie oot"

    Is that collusion? It was a tournament, so everyone has to try to bust everyone. That's how Tournaments work - we try to bust each other. It was not very sensible, quite the opposite, but it's a moot point as to whether that's really collusion. Probably better if comments like that were not made though.

    The pair of you need to quit with this daily nonsense, or you will BOTH lose your chat rights, without further notice, both at the tables & on the Community.

    Don't raise the matter on the Community again please, take it to Customer Care. Or even better, rise above it & ignore each other.

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