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Weight Loss Jab.

HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 33,618


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    TheEdge949TheEdge949 Member Posts: 5,485
    Ok as an obese person myself, let me say that I find the rush to develop these weight loss treatments, immoral and dangerous.

    Eat less, move more and stop looking for the easy option. The only drugs that work are either appetite suppressants such as semaglutide or those which raise body temperature and heart rate thereby causing an increase in thermogenesis such as meth, speed, cocaine etc.

    It won't be good news for the majority of obese people because they will never be widely available on the NHS. Diabetics can't get Ozempic / Semaglutide as it is, because all the chubbers are sogging it into their systems.
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    HAYSIEHAYSIE Member Posts: 33,618
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