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Who will you vote for

DoublemeDoubleme Member Posts: 1,809
So just thought would be interesting to see which way the sky community leans as a whole. I made this anonymous if people want to say publicly thats their choice I am currently planning on voting labour. However I do feel people may not feel comfortable saying publicly so I have tried to make this anonymous. My long rant against the tory party will probably come in a later thread but I wanted to try and keep this as neutral as possible just for the survey/poll. Hence I have copied the order on odds checker as it appears for me. I left out any other party as that covers multiple options so would be confusing.

if this is not anonymous apologies I think i made it so though.

Who will you vote for 7 votes

71% 5 votes
14% 1 vote
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
Liberal Democrat
0% 0 votes
14% 1 vote


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