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Winni's Get Your Supplies Ready...

lucy4lucy4 Member Posts: 7,419
Terrifying prediction reveals when WW3 could break out and kill 'over 15 million people.

A European leader has warned that the outbreak of war between the West and Russia is only months away amid growing tensions between the two sides.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has warned that the current escalation in tensions between Russia and the West will spill over into all-out war within three months. The terrifying warning comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a chilling warning to the West claiming he is now nearing "a point of no return".

Speaking to Switzerland's Die Weltwoche, Mr Vucic said that Serbian officials were being tasked with "checking the stocks of oil, flour and sugar" given the growing risk of world war.

When asked "how close are we to a third world war," the Serbian leader responded: "I believe we are not far from it. Not more than three, four months. And there is a danger to happen even before that.

"We are getting closer to a real disaster. Who is ready to lose 1 million, 2 million, 5 million, 10 million, and 15 million people? I'm not ready to lose a single man and won't participate in that."

Mr Vucic hit out at NATO officials who have claimed that President Putin is "bluffing" about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

He said: "If you bet that someone is bluffing, it means you don't have better cards. I would always be very careful when assessing Putin’s will and his next move.”

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