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River killer?

Azzza90Azzza90 Member Posts: 5
edited November 2020 in Poker Chat
Hi folks,

I'm not entirely sure if I am just unlucky when going all in or sky like to reward the other player each and every time on the river. Its happened every time around 30 times to now.

I like many others go all in when they have the nuts with a series of betting (as you do) This could be pre flop, flop, turn however every single time when I have someone beat at this stage they always seem to find there card every single time on the river.

Has this happened or happening to others? It seems the worse hand you have its most likely to win?

Please move to correct forum if this ones wrong.



  • mumsiemumsie Member Posts: 5,204
    It does seem that way.
    I know what you mean @Azzza90.
    I think its down to selective memory.
  • EnutEnut Member Posts: 2,543
    'Its happened every time around 30 times to now'

    Can you post the hand histories so we can check this out?

  • BRADERS11BRADERS11 Member Posts: 5
    You have a game count of 2 on Sharkscope? If you’ve been rivered in 30 all ins in 2 tournaments that’s pretty good going 😂. The site isn’t rigged, it’s just variants, play more games and it evens out. Gl
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109,613


    I'm just writing last night's Results Thread - well done on your Mini UKOPS Mega Stack win last night.
  • Azzza90Azzza90 Member Posts: 5
    Enut, Will get the hands over once I figure out how to do it via sky poker.

    Feel like I am being called out here which is totally cool. I am usually a pp player but fancied something different. maybe just not used to the way it works on here.

    Braders11 - not really a tournament player if I am being honest. It did actually happen in the 2 tournaments lol, I am more cash game player (hence why I put it in cash games) /SNG but I am new to sky poker.

    Just need to wait and see if it does even itself out but I am more than happy to put the hands across.

    I was thinking perhaps its Sky trying to give it the WOW factor but I could be totally wrong.

    Mumsie - Was playing you earlier, your a good player! :smile:


  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109,613
    edited November 2020

    Hi bud,

    "I was thinking perhaps its Sky trying to give it the WOW factor but I could be totally wrong."

    I would say that's a rather optimistic view of the stunts that Sky Poker's software might be capable of, even if the site was run by crooks. It's fairly, well, let's say dated & only barely able to perform basic functions. Have you ever considered the complexity of poker site software trying to favour or disadvantage specific players? Ain't ever gonna happen, here or elsewhere.

    Anyway, pleased to se you giving both Sky Poker & the Forum a test drive, hopefully you'll be a convert to both soon.
  • Azzza90Azzza90 Member Posts: 5


    Yeah perhaps a coincidence or a bad run streak just seemed odd. Been on sky poker a week so maybe a fresh set of eyes sees the issues we'll never know.

    Not trying to call them crooks or anything of the sort or disadvantage other players etc complexity of a poker site is down to random number generators. Random being the word.

    Hopefully see you on the tables :smile:

  • Azzza90Azzza90 Member Posts: 5
    Azzza90Small blind£0.10£0.10
    Psycho84Big blind£0.20£0.30
    Your hole cards
    • 4
    • 4
    • 4
    • 4
    • Q
    • J
    • 5
    • 5
    • 2
    • K
    • J
    Psycho84WinTwo Pairs, Jacks and 5s£4.29
  • Azzza90Azzza90 Member Posts: 5
    Figured out how to do the hands but not sure how to remove the players names.

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