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My Cat Knocked Vimto On My Keyboard

I was balls deep in the mighty £3.30 rebuy and my cat knocked my drink all over my laptop.

I was forced to go all in with a bad hand that didn't win and it is not my fault.

Please can I have a ticket to the Sunday Major as it is not my fault that my cat knocked a full glass of Vimto over my keyboard which subsequently forced me to go all in with a bad hand and lose all of my chips.

I hope that Sky do the right thing by me here because of my misfortune.


  • The--DonThe--Don Member Posts: 355

    The cat now has three broken legs because I accidentally kicked her 10 times.

    I think the vet bill will be quite expensive, so if you could also credit me with £1000 to cover the costs that would be great.

    I would have normally had pet insurance but we had a power cut last week when I was renewing it, so it had lapsed.

  • chappo100chappo100 Member Posts: 116
    +1 for vimto solid drink choice
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