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StayOrGoStayOrGo Member Posts: 11,413
edited January 15 in Poker Chat
Hi guys.

I had my first session with Nicky @Tsaaaar today, which went very well.

So, a little background on Nicky:

He has been playing for 9 years with consistent profits and has a Sharkscope rating of 73.

He has made £13.6K profit on Sky over those 9 years with the curve tapering off slightly in recent times, but still making a profit.

His average monthly profit over this time is approximately £125/month.

As he has a lot of historical data, we may reset his statistics in a couple of months, to see his true, and current rating.

Nicky has a great attitude and just wants to improve as much as possible and see whatever profits/rating comes.

So, we decided just to set a "profit target" for the months of April, May and June.

The hope/target is that Nicky will increase his monthly profit from £125.00 per month to £500.00 per month.

So we are looking at him making £1,500.00 profit on Sky between 1st April and and 30th June, as a target, whatever rating that gives him.

I totally agree with Nicky though, in as much as his attitude is to just wanting to improve as much as he can, and then see what rating/profit that produces.

I like his style of play, it gives me a lot to work with, the early signs look good.

I will follow his progress with enthusiasm, and look forward to helping him on his journey to improve.

All the best @Tsaaaar !


  • TVSpiceTVSpice Member Posts: 296
    That's great. Good luck @Tsaaaar . Graham is very dedicated to those he helps so you are in fabulous hands.
  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 14,423
    Just dont get expect @Tsaaaar to get you a drink in. ;)

    Good luck. I will follow with interest. Hope you are both successful.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 88,921

    Good stuff @StayOrGo

    You've done similar things before ( @thisltedu & others) & I hope you'll succeed again.

    Lovely gesture too, WP Graham.
  • StayOrGoStayOrGo Member Posts: 11,413
    Tikay10 said:

    Good stuff @StayOrGo

    You've done similar things before ( @thisltedu & others) & I hope you'll succeed again.

    Lovely gesture too, WP Graham.

    Thanks @Tikay10

    @Tsaaaar is a lovely guy with a great attitude, who finds himself now in a situation where he has the time and motivation to put work into his game.

    So I am very hopeful for him.
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 7,713
    Best of luck to both @Tsaaaar and @StayOrGo

    Great gesture regardless of the outcome and I hope you both hit the targets you have set out.
  • Monty15Monty15 Member Posts: 11
    Top lad Graham @StayOrGo incredibly selfless of you offering out all this value for free! bol with the coaching I'm sure it will be a big success :)

    I will keep tabs on the progress, bol also @Tsaaaar you are surely on to a winner here!
  • TsaaaarTsaaaar Member Posts: 343
    Thanks for the kind words and this opportunity Graham.

    I've played a lot over the years but like many I've done little study and just played as I enjoy the game so much so hoping this will be the kick in the **** I need to work more off the table.

    I'll make my own Diary post when i have time so leave this post brief,as for @maxally you're just an incorrigible alcoholic unlike my Tea total self.
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