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Asho28 Diary/Bankroll Challenge - Updated 16/10 - Mission Accomplished



  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    This wasn't a bad way to start a 2/4 cash session this evening. Not sure how I escaped from this one:
    rfSmall blind£0.02£0.02£1.51
    Asho28Big blind£0.04£0.06£3.96
    Your hole cards
    • 10
    • 10
    • Q
    • 10
    • 8
    Asho28Unmatched bet£0.19£9.15£0.19
    • Q
    • Q
    • 10
    • 10
    • J
    • 9
    • 3
    • 10
    Asho28WinFour 10s£8.46£8.65
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    Current Bankroll - £340.74

    Was looking forward to playing tonight after a tough week away from poker, however 4 tournaments in and I've abandoned the session.

    Managed to run KK in AA 3 times in the space of an hour. Twice in the 5:15 Rebuy, once early on with my first bullet and then a few hands after the add-on break when I had a good stack. I also did the same in the 6:05pm BH in the first 20 minutes. And to top it all off, I ended up being 2 outered in the 5:30pm BH after getting chips all in on the turn against a maniacal jam from the villain.

    Does anyone have the odds on KK and AA being dealt in the same hand? It's fair to expect it to happen every so often but three times within an hour doesn't sit with me well at all.

    Still in the 6:30pm BH and the Rewards freeroll, but have deregged everything else for the evening. Might seem petty and I know my mental resilience isn't the best at times with poker, but it's more a case of knowing that it's not my night and I will just end up playing poor and frustrated poker as a result of the earlier hands.

    We'll try again tomorrow.

  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 8,547
    I think its a wise decision to de-reg and call it a night if you feel yourself getting wound up. I've tilt de-regged many a time because I've felt I'd just be setting fire to money. The times I've carried on with the session whilst tilting have rarely ended well!
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    @waller02 - yeah, like I say it probably came across as a bit petulant and knee-jerk, especially as it's only micro-stakes. But if you know you're not going to play good poker and you're not going to get the enjoyment from playing, it's best to try again another day and save yourself the hassle (and money). Ultimately, postponing my tourney session until yesterday worked out very well...

    Current Bankroll: £554.62

    What a difference a day makes. After running poorly, getting frustrated and contemplating a mini break from poker on Friday, we cleared our head and had an excellent Saturday session.

    5:15pm £100 Rebuy - 32/82 (-£3.10)
    5:30pm £300 BH - 24/87 (-£5.50)
    5:30pm £20 Omaha Freeroll - 66/145 (+£0)
    6:05pm £200 BH - 31/125 (-£2.20)
    6:30pm £1000 BH - 2/248 (+£120.66 [£28.20 for 6 head prizes])
    7:00pm 7 at 7 BH - 18/178 (+£0.84 [£8.54 for 3 head prizes])
    7:15pm £300 Deep Stack - 23/138 (-£2.20)
    8pm £500 BH - 1/315 (+£105.43 [£25.73 for 8 head prizes])
    8:25pm £500 Mega Stack - 21/126 (+£2.06)
    8:30pm £2500 Mini Sharpshooter 100/580 (-£3.62 [£1.88 for 1 head prize])

    Came very close to winning the 6:30pm BH, which probably would've been my biggest win on Sky (surpassing a £180 or so cash in one the UKOPS events from last October that I gained free entry to). Having ran well and made it to heads up, I turned around a chip deficit and got KK in vs A8 for the win. Unfortunately, the turn and river came running 8s. We then had another go for the win with KQ v 88 but the villain ended up hitting quads. Eventually, we ran out of steam and and had to settle for 2nd place. Think we were heads up for close to an hour so was a shame to fall short on this occasion. Was a great battle though and I feel I played as well as I could.

    Fortunately, we were able to make amends for our heads-up defeat by winning the 8pm BH. My focus was on the aforementioned heads up battle and I wasn't paying complete attention to this, but despite not having many chips for most of the tournament we kept doubling up. Eventually got myself a good stack, took some bounties and then made the FT as the chip leader. The cards continued to be kind, and we managed to come out on top in a much shorter heads up battle. It does feel nice to have found a way of winning tourneys again, especially after a winless spell of several months.

    Elsewhere, we managed to make the money in the mega stack despite being low on chips before departing soon after, whilst we were in a great position in the £300 deep stack but ended up running KK into AA once again. Given how we ran elsewhere, I couldn't have too many complaints this time. Overall, a very good evening, with 2 great results from tourneys with big fields and a nice boost to the bankroll.

    In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have had a moan about the three lots of KK v AA on Friday evening. In reality, I'm not the first person that it will have happened to and won't be the last. As (probably) one of the younger members of the community, sometimes I'm prone to being a bit petulant when things don't go my way at the tables and I am often found lacking with the mental side of the game. I should focus more on continuing to do the right things and not bemoaning luck when things don't go to plan. Certainly got some maturing to do with at the tables and might be worth buying a poker book on the mental side of the game. But I'm now starting to prove to myself that I can do well at poker. Hopefully we can build on last night and continue to get good results from micro-stakes tourneys.

    I'm unlikely to play tonight - I was tempted to given that I'm in contention for a token in the Micro Mini League standings, but I had planned to have Sunday off from poker anyway. Should be back to tournaments tomorrow.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekends!
  • QUICKFEETQUICKFEET Member Posts: 511
    What a great evening... well done!
  • SidV79SidV79 Member Posts: 3,174
    Well done @Asho28, a good evenings work has put you well on the way to your goal and I have no doubt that you will hit it sooner rather than later.
  • waller02waller02 Member Posts: 8,547
    edited May 2021
    Beast of a session. Well played.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 123,899

    Great stuff @Asho28
  • BoxsterBoxster Member Posts: 4,300
    Well played @Asho28 great thread keep it up
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated!

    Current Bankroll: £581.62

    Played a good chunk of the MML schedule last night, along with the usual takedowns. Didn't manage to repeat the success of Saturday but we still had a fairly solid session and finished it in profit.

    5:15pm £100 Rebuy - 6/61 (+£8.08)
    5:30pm £300 BH - 7/88 (+£14.60 [£8.44 for 4 head prizes]
    5:30pm £20 Omaha Freeroll - 123/176 (£0)
    6:05pm £200 BH - 114/119 (£0) (weekly £2.30 token wasted used)
    6:30pm £1000 BH - 41/218 (-£5.50)
    6:30pm Rewards Freeroll - 462/809 (£0)
    7:00pm 7 at 7 BH - 29/139 (-£3.12 [£4.58 for 1 head prize])
    7:15pm Takedown 1 - 53/94 (-£2.00)
    7:45pm Takedown 2 - 11/83 (+£1.20)
    8pm £500 BH - 82/277 - (-£1.45 [£0.75 for 1 head prize])
    8:15pm Takedown 3 - 20/73 (-£1.50 [£0.50 for 1 head prize])
    8:30pm £1500 Mini Marksman - 11/318 (+£11.86 [£7.02 for 3 head prizes])

    Made my only final table of the evening in the £100 rebuy but ended up busting immediately. Shoved AQ for 15 BBs from the button and was surprisingly called by 9 10 suited from the big blind. Sadly, they rivered a flush and we finished 6th.
    Also enjoyed a deep run in the 5:30pm BH where we took a few head prizes early doors and had plenty of chips, but gradually lost momentum towards the latter stages. Was by far the short stack with 7 left, so it was no surprise that I bubbled the final table.
    It was a case of what could've been in the mini. Having battled my way to the final 2 tables, I got myself all in with AK vs AQ pre-flop for a huge pot. Unfortunately, a queen on a flop and another one on the turn ended my hopes of a mini win. If that one would've gone my way we would've been in contention to take it down, but wasn't to be.
    Elsewhere, the Takedowns were going well for a while before the wheels came off in the middle and latter stages, while we took a head prize or two other in a couple of the bounty hunters. I did make, in hindsight, a few really poor all-ins/calls when chasing bounties last night and squandered the chance to run deeper in a couple of tournaments, but overall we didn't play too badly.

    Not sure what the plan is for the rest of the week. Unlikely to play this evening but might start playing tourneys on more nights going forward, as they seem to be going reasonably well at present. Trying to work out if there are any games I can add to what I usually play - may try my hand at a few satellites. Haven't played as many cash games in recent times - the 5p/10p tables seem to be quite reg-heavy in the evenings whilst I haven't had much motivation to play the 2p/4p tables. I did manage a small winning session on 5/10 at the weekend but might well be best to predominantly stick to tourneys right now.

    Have also started trying to learn PLO8 over the past few days. It was a minor miracle that I managed to learn PLO so you can imagine how fun trying to perfect PLO8 is going to be! I'm all for learning new things though, and it would be nice to be able to participate in the PLO8 league on the forum. Not quite ready to hit the tables yet, however.
  • coo1-umcoo1-um Member Posts: 2,179
    Nice to see the bankroll building. Do you have a challenge end target in mind?

    New plo8 season starts Tuesday 25th May expect to see you there, and don’t worry only a handful of players know what they are doing.
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    coo1-um said:

    Nice to see the bankroll building. Do you have a challenge end target in mind?

    New plo8 season starts Tuesday 25th May expect to see you there, and don’t worry only a handful of players know what they are doing.

    @coo1-um - I don't really have an "end target" in mind. Maybe if we reach a bankroll of 1k, we may consider doing a new challenge. But the main thing that it gives me is a motivation to play poker and a way of contributing to the forum, even if my write-ups are a bit tedious and wordy at times.

    Might well sign-up for the new season then - if there are many who don't know what they're doing with PLO8 like you say, then one more won't do any harm!
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    Current Bankroll: £625.07

    Been a busy few days. Played a couple of tourneys on Wednesday evening but managed to blank everything. Thursday saw us play a lengthy 5/10 cash session across multiple tables and we finished it about £35 up. Have had a lot of break even/small loss cash sessions on 5/10 recently so it was nice to have a confidence-boosting one. The biggest pot of the session came from me getting AA in vs KK for a change and not the other way around. Overall, the tables were quite reg-heavy so did well to come out of the session with a tidy profit.

    Played a batch of tourneys last night. For the most part, it was a really poor session and aside from a couple of bounties in the 6:30pm, there isn't anything worth mentioning. It was mainly a compilation of hands where I got my chips in ahead and lost and also me over-hunting bounties and getting myself into trouble. Might need to rethink my strategy in the early stages of bounty hunters.

    The unlikely session-saver turned out to be the Orfy Deepstack, which I managed to win. Any time that I make it past the first break in the Orfy is usually considered a success but taking it down is a bit of a collector's item for me. In fairness, I was very fortunate to win heads up - I was at a huge chip disadvantage, but despite being all-in whilst behind on multiple occasions I managed to survive and eventually prevailed the winner after a lengthy heads-up battle. It covered the cost of the rest of the tourneys I played and left me with a small profit for the evening.

    I didn't reg anything after the start of the Orfy Deepstack, partly due to tiredness and also due to being distracted by the chaos that was occurring on @PKRPar and @waller02 Twitch stream - what a crazy evening that turned out to be. Awesome stream guys!

    I plan to play again tonight, probably another tourney session. Trying to get enough tickets for the final SPT draw next Friday to give me a good chance of winning a seat. Unlikely to play on Sunday with there being a feast of sport on TV.
  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 16,117
    Good result in the Orfy @Asho28 . Well played. When you going to start coaching? I might need some lessons off you ;)
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    @MAXALLY - Haha, wouldn't go that far mate. Just seem to have been quite lucky in a few tournaments recently. It's been going too well of late so I'm braced for a bit of a downswing in the near future.
  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    Current Bankroll: £672.44

    Fairly quick update today after last night's tourney session, but things continue to go well (for now).

    5:15pm £100 Rebuy - 10/91 (+£2.25)
    6:05pm £200 BH - 58/117 (£-2.20)
    6:30pm £1000 BH - 228/261 (-£5.50)
    7:05pm Nightly Micro - 53/104 (-£0.55)
    7:15pm £300 Deep Stack - 12/120 (+£5.15)
    7:40pm £100 Deep Stack - 1/74 (+£27.90)
    8pm £500 BH - 229/271 (-£2.20)
    8:25pm £500 Mega Stack - 17/101 (+£2.58)
    8:30pm £2500 Mini Sharpshooter 40/505 (+£19.94 [£18.87 for 8 head prizes])

    For a while it looked like it would be a losing session, but things turned around and we ended up cashing 5 out of the 9 tournaments we played last night. The best result of the night was a win in the £100 deep stack - wasn't a particularly big win but it's always nice to take down a tournament, regardless of what stakes it is at. These small wins start to add up over time as well, especially when you're doing a bankroll challenge.
    There was also a good run in the mini, and that was despite losing most of my stack early on. Managed to double up a couple of times then went on a run of picking up bounties. Eventually we went card-dead and got beaten by the blinds, but a min cash and 8 head prizes wasn't bad considering how the tourney started.
    Aside from the mini, the other bounty hunters that I entered went a bit pear-shaped and nothing was gained from them.

    Decent session overall. Have certainly found a style of poker that works for me and is starting to achieve good results and winning sessions, even if the cards don't always go in my favour.

    As mentioned previously, unlikely to play today unless I decide to load up a few cash tables in the late evening. Looking forward to the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, final day of the Premier League season and final round of the USPGA golf. Thankfully didn't bother with Eurovision last night - unsurprised that we finished last again, and with no points...

    Back to the tourney grind tomorrow.

  • Asho28Asho28 Member Posts: 522
    edited May 2021
    Current Bankroll: £729.06

    Busted all my tourneys for the night, so may as well do tomorrow's update early whilst I'm not tired. Was a profitable session tonight but could've been better.

    5:15pm £100 Rebuy - 13/77 (+£0.97)
    5:30pm £300 BH - 30/102 (-£3.62 [£1.88 for 1 head prize])
    5:30pm £20 Omaha Freeroll - 20/203 (+£0.20)
    6:05pm £200 BH - 10/111 (+£4.49) [+£0.94 for 1 head prize] [weekly £2.30 token used]
    6:30pm £1000 BH - 4/275 (+£72.73 [+£27.90 for 10 head prizes])
    6:30pm Rewards Freeroll - 604/796 (£0)
    7:00pm 7 at 7 BH - 134/171 (-£7.70)
    7:15pm Takedown 1 - 84/104 (-£2.00)
    7:45pm Takedown 2 - 40/88 (-£1.00)
    8pm £500 BH - 82/277 - (-£1.45 [£0.75 for 1 head prize])
    8:15pm Takedown 3 -15/61 (-£1.25 [£0.75 for 1 head prize]
    8:30pm £1500 Mini Marksman - 283/327 (-£5.50)

    Best result was final tabling the 6:30pm BH. Had ran very well throughout the tournament, particularly in bounty spots, but the luck evaded me at the final table. With 4 left, I called an all in from pocket 6s with my pocket 9s. All looked well to be 2/3 with a good chip stack, until the 6 arrived on the river. That left me with 10 BBs, which slipped away when A8 failed to hold vs JQ. 4th was tough to take as it could've been so much better, but that's poker. Still a decent result. Should also mention that it was a very pleasant final table, which included 3 other MML regulars, which was great to see.

    Aside from my run to the FT in the aforementioned tourney, we ran pretty woefully tonight and had some harsh beats. We had a few small cashes elsewhere, but the rest of the results were rather uninspiring. The 7 at 7 isn't turning out to be the best choice for my bankroll at the moment - might well replace it with the daily £7.20 main event satellites instead and try and get myself a few shots at the bigger tourneys.

    I was meant to play my first ever PLO8 tourney tonight but I had too many tables on the go, so this got shelved. Will try again either tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Bankroll still heading in the right direction.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 123,899

    Starting Bankroll: £50.00

    Current Bankroll: £729.06

    You ought to be very proud of that @Asho28
  • aynaricolaynaricol Member Posts: 293
    Very well done @Asho28 - it was indeed a very pleasant final table and again sorry about the 66 vs 99!
  • AMD68AMD68 Member Posts: 125
    First time in ages I've read your posts, this is going great! Not many challenges I read on the forum go very well so full credit for sticking with a winning formula.
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