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Stars sunday storm overlay and 'surprise surprise a technical issue'

gixxerk4gixxerk4 Member Posts: 196
So after around four hours play and for once going along quite nicely in the 'anniversary' $1million sunday storm a message comes up saying the tourney was manually paused due to a technical issue.
The a message saying tourney cancelled.
By an incredible coincidence this was just as late entry was ending and by an even more incredible coincidence the $1mill
guarantee was slightly short by a mere 370000.
Also by an incredible coincidence this was I believe the only affected tourney.
So after many years playing on stars (i have the 500k hands badge :| ) I doubt very much if that site will see any more of my business and as they own sky poker I worry for the future integrity of this site.
Online poker rigged ? Well in some ways looks like it if the site is not going to meet an over ambitious guarantee.


  • glencoeladglencoelad Member Posts: 1,246
    I believe they paid out the Full gnt , ICM .
  • gixxerk4gixxerk4 Member Posts: 196

    I believe they paid out the Full gnt , ICM .

    If thats correct George then fair dues, a lot are saying they paid out minus the overlay.
    I await the all knowing oracle @Tikay10 for conformation B)
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 127,574
    edited July 2021

    Hi mate,

    I'm really surprised anyone would think 'Stars would pull a stunt like that deliberately.

    They immediately honoured the full Β£1 million guarantee via refunds, so there was no material saving for 'Stars. When these things happen there's no way they can please everyone, but they paid out the full milly exactly as they would had it played to conclusion.

    You - & many others - are miffed because you had a good stack at the time, and that's understandable, but there's no way of settling these things to everyone's satisfaction.$366,753-overlay_118838/

    Also, perhaps a little pedantic, but PokerStars do not own Sky Poker. Both Sky Poker & 'Stars are wholly owned by Flutter, & the UK&I division of Flutter is run by a chap who has been with SB&G for well over a decade, who managed Gaming (which includes Sky Poker) for many years, & he never pulled any stunts in that period. He's as straight as a die. He has no brief for 'Stars but I'm quite certain he'd not allow any hanky panky anywhere across the Flutter Group.
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 127,574

    Pure guess on my part, but I think it's possible that the glitch arose as Late Reg was likely to still be open once the money bubble had burst. Which would not really work, would it?
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 127,574

    Lol @ "knowing oracle". ;)

    Be assured they paid out the full milly.
  • gixxerk4gixxerk4 Member Posts: 196
    Cheers @Tikay10 for that info I stand corrected and will get down off my proverbial high horse and stop reading twitter comments lol.
    Still miffed as I was deffo going to crush it :D:D:D:D
  • Tikay10Tikay10 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 127,574
    gixxerk4 said:

    Cheers @Tikay10 for that info I stand corrected and will get down off my proverbial high horse and stop reading twitter comments lol.
    Still miffed as I was deffo going to crush it :D:D:D:D


    When a tourney gets cancelled, be assured, EVERYONE claims they were going to win it. But I'm sure you were ;)

    Here's a ladder which may come in handy.


  • MAXALLYMAXALLY Member Posts: 16,242
    Well, I heard down my local farm shop that a bloke who lived next door to the owner's cousin's wife......said that MR PJ was chip leader and the software just exploded, which in turn melted the american unvaccinated RNG.

    Just what I heard, like.
  • gixxerk4gixxerk4 Member Posts: 196
    Lesson number 2 check your emails more frequently and you will then not make a t*t of yourself, still never mind $45 is not far off the $100000 I would have got for the win that I was a shoe in for :)
  • misterpjmisterpj Member Posts: 2,908
    'Mr Ally'

    doff my cap Sir
    twas indeed your good self
    (near 3 years ago) whom felt the need, too report
    word for word
    'anecdotely' misterpj was chip leader at 9pm when a certain site actually melted
    50,000 + and a mile clear hmm
    3 years on, eh champ πŸ’‹

    irony! today, Overlay! no, defo not a gt milly, but
    Zip explanation, just 'cancelled 05.04'!

    5 of us regged, see under, and we waited, and we waited
    Cancelled 05.04 just now πŸ˜‰

    Probably in my case, a blessing, and NO, coaching!
    one of the best on the planet, 'the coaches coach'
    Implores 'him' to do exactly that, and delighted too report, my protagae, well, she's flying πŸ˜‰πŸ’‹πŸ‘

    best wishes one and all on the Top Table (basil brushπŸ˜‚)
    Retires, too 'natural home' πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ˜

    nearly forgot,the boy pj has a special present,for all, even usual suspect !

    you will,that I can gaurentee
    be belly laughing,sharing with your family freinds forever,and,you will watch,over & over

    the brilliant Bit ?

    not,one single,ever,not a single one, not a curse or expletive
    the pure brilliance,a pause,a look,the inuendo dawns,the likes of,Don Rickles,Jack Benny obviously Dean Martin,in tears of laughter,they all knew,this fella,the best,the Greatest.

    I give you (rip) the Comedians Comedian,the greatest,ever

    Mr Foster Brooks, if looking down,you are still the greatest.

    Mr Dean Martins,lifetime friend,ps, written into Dean Martins contract, no rehearsals,you will be playing these,forever.

    I will start you off gently, 3 x 3 minutes, sketches
    Mr Dean Martin & Mr Foster Brooks,a man walks into a bar

    you loved that ? correct,now for the main course

    Mr Dean Martin hosts Women / Man of the Hour,guest speaker Mr Foster Brooks
    Sammy Davis Jr,Hank Aron,Leo Du Roacher,Betty White,Don Rickles,Jack Benny,Angie Dickinson,Lucille Ball

    humour,fun,genuine,not a 'woke' funny bone removed in sight
    oh,to go back,& join the Rat Pack
    bless xxx

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