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Mark, never ever replied on here to anyone! I ain't forum flavour! Hope you OK, read between the lines, everything real Me, 56, hope somehow hook up, have a drink, Lingers late summer, Ps Hannons just fkn banged in Sat night, 13/2 smashed it, & the cast It ain't easy, biggest bet my life, owned a, quarter of it, Paul Doe hooked it up (Lingfield) We got beat, at Yarmouth (turf) look its lifetime next 2 runs,after Yarmouth Got it all back, with interest, 2 runs after, went 1.01 in running > out to 50s! won a nose Please don't reveal on forum, Paul & his brother Henry & the Gilligans (trainer) Sussex & his brother, Brendan is my pal, mates with the Moores, that little horse was HEY PRESTO please don't mention,search it if you wish, P. DOE Lingers, then Yarmouth, we had our ballax on, massive monies, watch it's run turf flat after Yarmouth, run after that was the win. Fkn pressure, non punting ALL family ALL friends had their NUTZ on the thing. Anyways,over a drink, ask anything. Paul


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