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Interesting on the river

LARSON7LARSON7 Member Posts: 4,475
edited September 2014 in Strategy

We go for thin value on the river and they jam.

I know most people won't like the turn check!

It's not to terrible I don't reckon!

On the river, it looks quite bluffy. The player is quite a good player.

zozo1115 Small blind  £0.10 £0.10 £40.91
DEANACE Big blind  £0.20 £0.30 £22.48
rtc Sit out     
Seaspirit Sit out     
  Your hole cards
  • A
  • A
Raise  £0.60 £0.90 £20.72
LARSON7 Raise  £2.10 £3.00 £43.55
zozo1115 Fold     
DEANACE Fold     
Call  £1.50 £4.50 £19.22
  • 7
  • 5
  • K
LARSON7 Bet  £3.00 £7.50 £40.55
Call  £3.00 £10.50 £16.22
  • 4
LARSON7 Check     
  • 3
LARSON7 Bet  £3.80 £14.30 £36.75
All-in  £16.22


  • 77Chris9177Chris91 Member Posts: 375
    edited September 2014

    Think betting/checking turn are both fine.

    I would be snapping this river. You have Ah so block a lot of the villains flush combos and villain doesn't have many 6x in a 3-bet pot.

    I think you have to expect your bet sizing on the river to induce quite a few bluffs here.

  • seanallenseanallen Member Posts: 114
    edited September 2014
    Probably gonna be bluff shoved on often enough when we bet an amount that looks like its trying to get thin value from a pair. Depends how likely opponent is to be turning a pair into a bluff as to whether i'd be betting river to induce (basically making our hand look like what it is and hoping he reads us for bet/ folding)or betting with the intention to fold to a raise.

    A lot of players at 20nl pretty much always lead that river with flushes/straights after we check back turn, others mix it up a bit. If I had a read that they were the former I'd be betting small to either get a call or hopefully induce a shove from some players. If they were the latter and I was unsure between calling or folding I'd just check back a lot of the time.
  • LARSON7LARSON7 Member Posts: 4,475
    edited September 2014
    I called.

    I quite like oppos jam, you hardly ever see someone check jamming as a bluff at 20nl.
  • SlipwaterSlipwater Member Posts: 3,587
    edited September 2014
    On first glance it's a pair of sixes, or A6, but it's hard to see him calling the flop bet with either of those... unless he just sees that £3 as a regular c bet that you'd be making with any two cards.

    He's checked the turn and river so I doubt he has the flush, but I still think it's quite possible you're beaten here. Two pair on the flop - 57 or K7 would not be unheard of, then again, he should be smart enough to know you can't really call without at least a six, so a bluff is not outwith the realm of possibility either.

    The checked turn (by you) probably removed quite a bit of information from the hand.
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